Singing trio Miss Tres has big surprise | Asia’s Got Talent Episode 3

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Singing trio Miss Tres promise a big surprise before taking the stage. When they open their mouths to sing, it all makes sense!

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12njr says:

u in the middle wats ur name?
*>* my name is Mariko
wats ur real name?


aiza Jung says:

Lol… Go girls!!! No I mean.. Go guys!!! I mean girls??? I mean…
Aaayyy…just GO PHILIPPINES!!!! :-) hahahahahaha

Corsario Pirata says:

Después dicen que no hay talento en Asia…
Estas 3 muchachas sorprenden con sus voces angelicales!! P-)

Ren Quion says:

I really love the fact that they sing very well ♡♡♡

“Joselito” roflolololol replaying forever

DimaSTR says:

My boner is confused.

stalematesibling says:

i think vaness got a boner looking at mariko and then OH SHIT lol

JCarolR says:

When did Vanness become so hot?

ray382vk says:

so they are man??? (hehe im totally confused)

violet erin says:


akolovechoco says:

Yung AGT parang PGT lang andaming Pinoy nakapasok! Hahaha

Dane Nanahara says:

Im from Philippines and I think ANGGUN is cute <3

jon teves says:

Heard they didnt make it to the semi finals, i think they performed in the
quarter finals but didnt move to the semi finals,as ive said if theyre
gonna do the same act singing as males it would no longer be of great
interest anymore and predictable

Diani Di Dagono says:

Sino pa ibang mga pinoy na sumali?

Asia's Got Talent says:
Kaneki Ken says:

Can someone help me to message the fine bros to do a react video on miss
tres? :)

Emmy Tobar says:

*Asia Got Talent*
They came on nervously and giggling. But once they start performing
everyone was blown away! *Must watch*

Martín Roque says:

So I am guessing they are not transexual because their voices remain the
same, that shouldn’t happen if they were taking hormones needed for the
transition. (?)

Nur Aini says:

When i watched this the first thing i was like wow they are hot and agreed
with Anggun that i did not really see that coming! They sang really
well,they have good voice and their real name make me laugh to tears! I
love to see them more in the show :D

xxjesinjinkxxx says:

Haha! Aside from “Joselito”… I think Vaness Wu’s reaction was the best!

kabulet46 says:

Can someone tell me if they are for real girls or maybe transgenders?

Patra Trust says:

I watched this 20x already but still want to watch it again and again.
can’t wait to see more…….. a fan from Indonesia <3

Maurice Charlier says:

… surprise … tout bon a voir … :o))

Allan Mosquito says:

The MIS TRES is the first contestant and performer, got a 1 million and
more views in the first-ever ASIA GOT TALENT in just a week, Applause for

ray382vk says:

wow watching like this crazy replay X200000000000000000000 times
the one with long black hair is really pretty XD

chuck norris says:

sayang naman hindi sila nakapasok ng semi finals…..mga pangit pa yung
pinasok nila….

Adussa Zamani says:

OMG its so weird seeing myself on Asia’s Got Talent! I’m the one with hijab
btw! I sat behind the judges. Hehehe.

rosana reinoso says:

*Que sorpresa *

Supi says:

shemale or ladyboy?
*grab popcorn

Nawero Ada says:

Im a girl but i have to say Mariko is freakin hot! Dayum!

Julia Orban says:

Surprise ….. !!

Ashley Cinder says:

*Please stop what you’re doing and take a moment to watch this video.
Please, you won’t regret it.*

ZeroStriker426 says:

I’m confused. Are they LGBT?

Frainan Chavoso says:

Sayang dahil hindi sila nakasali sa semi-finals. :(

Jamaluddin Rahmat says:

What’s the song title? I don’t know…

poohsydestroyer says:

I was expecting them to perform in the semi finals. What happened?

Christian Roy says:

hahahhahh est bonne 

Edna Castillano says:

Conrado is very beautiful!!
Everyday i watch this,sayang nag backout sila!

lex Kent says:

what is song ? plzzz

CheekSpear Animations says:

this video right here really got me FROZEN…literally..amazing!!!!

Itzofficiallybri says:

I love them! Omf mahal kita mis tres!

Nazael Rahl says:

Doesn’t matter, have sex.

ngocchi nguyen says:

bài này là bài gì vậy

J.R. Bowles says:

*Wait for it!*

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