Sailor Surprises 7-yr-old Daughter

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A US Sailor surprises his 7-year-old daughter at a local high school football game. Her face says it all when she hears her father’s name on the loudspeaker.

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The World Surprise says:
Ryan Flood says:

man when I got back from Afghanistan all i got was a bucket of chicken
waiting for me =/

Sam Beardsley says:

I love how people are saying how terrible these men are. Theyr the reason
you get to sit comfortably at your computer smh 

dinkytankman says:

Here’s my middle finger salute to all the low life, sewer dwelling piles of
dog crap leaving nasty comments. And to those talking about killing
innocents, rot in hell, you bastar*ds. God bless this serviceman and all
others fighting for freedom.

Autry Welch says:

Where’s the 115 dislikes come from? Al Qaeda? ISIL? Some low lives out

Charles Knicely says:

my two brothers were in viet nam and never killed a kid and were called
baby killers anyway. My wife served six years in the army as a
quartermaster. I spent seven years, eight months and 13 days never saw a
kid get hurt and certainly never killed yet we are all painted the same and
that to me shows the height arrogance and ignorance normally by people
willing to be brave and spout off here hat home or in other countries but
with not spinal cord when it comes to actually wearing the uniform. were
are the denouncing of terror groups? when you see name callers that in a
fight would likely run it shows a complete lack of respect for those who
defend the right of free speech around the world. NO THEY USE THE RIGHTS

Marvel Comiks says:

TRUE LOVE is a very very powerful emotion. It makes even one to willingly
give up their lives for the ones they love. One of the greatest gift God
has given to us.

Emma Kelly says:

Some people here are just idiots. These people fight to keep you safe, and
all you do is complain and talk about them being bad. Would you rather have
no protection? Would you rather have big bomb and men shooting you? Or
would you rather have a nice safe place for you and your family? Pft, all
the ignorant people make me sick.

Otto Kylänlahti says:

I’ve been on a “surprise homecoming marathon” for a while now, and I’ve
thus far had to punch a hole into my wall only twice not to cry. I think
I’m doing good this far…

Ola Olek says:

how could anyone dislike this?!

Andy San says:

He’s an E-4, people! NOT an officer!

Also, I hate all the stereotypes of military shooting babies in the face
and crap like that! It’s funny that they never seem to mention all the
humanitarian aid we give for those in need. #grindsmygears 

sachu nayomi says:

Sailor Surprises 7-yr-old Daughter:

Izzy Torres says:

Aww, this girl warms my heart. She got what she deserved <3

GABBY says:

*tears overflow* gahhhhhhhhhh MY EYES ARE FLOODING

Occam's Razor says:

What king of asshole gives this a thumbs down?!

Abimael Leon says:

That was so happy to see a girls dad come home from the army

Faruk Hossain says:

y m i crying ??? its coz im human…. Sailor, how many kids did u murdered
in Afghanistan ??

David Sizemore says:

Thank you for your service Soilder! This had me crying! And to the rude
comments on this video. Hope you know God looks at this. So when its your
time, better man up!

IvyPaw says:

The thumbnail lol

LolKittyaj says:

My dad went to rehab for 8 months he came back and I cried my eyes out and
I’m only 8 I’m so happy he’s home 

Jaime Doyle says:

I am crying

Raiza Mercado says:

Awww thats so sweet after all is a reunion of father and daughter =.=
ignorants people who doesn’t understand this type of thing tho :)
Well no offense I find quite irritated with these rude comments of this

Elvin Sosa says:

probably crying because they force her to be cheerleader at 7. stupid

beRAIme says:

a few days ago this man killed inoccent people and told them u never gonna
see ur family again.. and now this.

Kimberly na says:

haha haha… they said duty. 😛 sorry to be immature but i just had to
point that out!

ufelcher says:

The surprise was in his pants. Kids tears are in inticepatation of the

Haruhi Suzumiya says:

I’m watching multiple videos of these, Im crying so much

Sophia Scully says:


Ice Slik says:

why would people not like this, heartless people I guess, I know heartless
but this a sweet beautiful moment, 

myra castillo says:


Mallory Mcmillan says:

Who ever dislikes this there is something wrong with them 

Bob Stafford says:

If you don’t like our country, get out! We don’t want you here anyway. God
bless America! 

singlestraightmale says:

Daddy’s girl.

itsemma368 111 says:


Stephanie K says:

God damn it…there goes my mascara, flowing onto the floor in black

Ari Conley says:

Thank u to everybody in the service i cried at the though of my dad was in
the service.My dad works at ODOT he clears off the roads for us to go

Kelly Hopson says:

You said duty lol

Maliyah Clays says:

I cried.

Tiffany Young says:

Say iphone 5 five times then commit the same thing then look under your

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