10 Photos Taken Right Before DEATH! | TWISTED TENS

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Rob Dyke says:

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Jamessawyer010 says:

Hahaha you mother fucker, I remember you used to do some videos called
”Why would you put that on the internet” and I also remember you not
having many subscribers. I randompy stumble across this video and I
recognised your voice. Look at you now, over 1 million subscribers! Nice to
see you moving up in the world.

john doe says:

the kid at 5:07 being abducted, tortured and killed is ABSOLUTELY
SICKENING!!! what a horrible, brutal, inhuman thing to do to an innocent 2
year old. i felt pretty sick to my stomach after hearing about that! the
pic is hard to look at because you see the 2 year old innocently holding
hands with his killer probably thinking the 10 yr old kid was his friend.

Rob Dyke says:

The reason I started TWISTED TENS is because I came across so many really
cool topics but the stories didn’t have enough information to fit into an
episode of Seriously Strange, which, as you may know, is 3 stories that go
into a lot of detail and have decent length. So I can’t fit in super short
topics into it. The video would be like 4 minutes long, and I know people
hate short episodes on Seriously Strange.

That being said, now, with TWISTED TENS, I can provide you all with the
short stories that interested me and not have to withhold any content from
you just because it doesn’t fit into the format of the regular Seriously
Strange episodes. So yeah. That’s it. Enjoy! More content!

highonimmi says:

you have r. bud. dwyer wrong. he killed himself so his family could have
life insurance. he wasn’t guilty of the charges against him. a political
rival who knew dwyer may run for governor of Pennsylvania blackmailed his

Jenny Feng says:

Does he always talk like that (on all the videos)
Ps. first time watching his videos, don’t kill me with hate :c

Halli Jaz says:

I really like to watch these types of videos, I’m that girl who LOVES
HORROR. Anyone else? XD


Budd Dwyer’s #7 is on Youtube. Just search Budd Dwyer live suicide. Might
be hard to watch for some. You have been warned.

TehKCVlogs says:

watching at 1 AM. wish me luck commeters

mark1237889 says:

A photo never lies? What about Photoshop?

biglollol says:

You try too hard at being mysteriously dramatic… The way you look out of
your eyes, it makes you look dead from the inside. Learn to more facial
expression if you are trying to be mysteriously dramatic…

lin reynolds says:

the world still morns wee james bulger <3

MegaMetalCow says:

“A photo never lies”

*goes on photoshop

Panda Hiiroo says:

Holy shit I’m half-awake at 12 in the morning only to find myself on the
darkest part of the internet and praying to Jesus that some fag won’t jump
through the window and kill me. There, I said it.


The 55 second intro is just unnecessary.

wololoam says:

the fuck is with that narration? is this guy retarded?

Charlie Sill says:

Rob-great job and this should be a lesson on how to best use you tube!

Smarty.Squirrell says:

I think number 2 should of been 1

Art Esian says:

I find it very hard to listen to this guy’s over-dramatised narration. 

Rob Dyke says:

People seem to believe that photos can lie due to photoshop. If I recorded
a man saying “I don’t hate other races”, and manipulated the audio to sound
like he said “I hate other races”, does that make him a racist? Photoshop
is the liar. The photo is just a photo. It doesn’t matter if whatever in
the photo is fake. The photo is what it is.

beeroosterm says:

The windmill men could’ve easily escaped with a simple rope system and some

Jose Maria Plata says:

Rob dyke.. you talk to much. Shorten your videos

BigCraig431 says:

Am I the only one who thinks we shouldn’t be using other peoples tragic
deaths as a form of ‘Top 10′ entertainment? Especially not when it involves

Corbster Mcorbster says:


elijah johnson says:


Natalia S says:

I feel like i’ll have nightmares tonight

Kristo Nuut says:

the windturbine picture is actually fake, it was everywhere in dutch news

Markiplites Unite™ says:

Real Video Title: “10 Photos That Were Scripted”

OnlySleuth says:

I think I’ve seen the video of number 7. It really was quite sudden, and I
remember a lot of blood coming from the roof of his mouth onto his front.

TheMrCookie Lord says:

This worries me I have a litte 3 year old sister and Ive seen and herd
people who say crazy shit about killin people some day they didnt be see me
but I herd that it might be fun if anything happens to my sister i will
know who and I will them myself and kill those mudafakas who else worries?

monstercichlidkeeper says:

the two ten year old kids were muslims and they tortured the two year old
coz they thought he is an infidel…

Bran Brum says:

Did you draw the picture behind you because it looks like shit

kevdawg55 says:

4:52 breaks my fucking heart. I have a 2 year old nephew. They are so
completely trusting, so innocent. You could literally put a child in the
most dangerous situation ever and they are oblivious to it. They trust the
person in front of them. You can see how this little boy has not even the
faintest doubt that he should hold this older boys hand and walk with him.
Not many things disturb me so badly, but this one is devastating. I hope
to God the 2 ten year olds are dead. They deserve to be. Can you imagine
the child’s screams, not to mention how utterly confused he must be at
what’s happening. Fucking terrible. I’m really rattled right now . . .

Nimo ALI says:

its all lie and fake …..

Justice Harmony says:

I seen the video of the politician suicide :s

Douglas Crets says:

“a photo never lies…” Ohhhhh kay.

GojiraGaming says:

I watched a movie “After Earth” and it says, Fear is in your head, you make
it up, danger is real, but Fear, you have a choice. I thought wow. If you
think this is true then reply (if not, reply or just leave)

Kamran Younis says:

I remember when u had 100,000 subs , haven’t watched ur vids in a while and
now u have over 1 million subs , ur doing well 

jon doe says:

How much money do you make per episode?

T Marginau says:

#3 was creepy…and crazy!

ROTMG DaBeatz says:


Nick Hewitt says:

I shit myself when that little girl appeared on my screen, fucking hell tat
shit was scary

john roman roman says:

2:30 is faker than your mother titties to take a picture in the 1800s you
need to be still for a long period of time for it to focus how the fuck do
you take a picture of someone on a fucking boat

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