The Interview Final Trailer – Meet Kim Jong-Un

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Dave Skylark has landed the Interview of a lifetime as they head to North Korea to interview Kim Jong-un.

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In Select Theaters on 25 December 2014 (United States)

Genre: Comedy / Action
Cast: James Franco, Seth Rogen, Lizzy Caplan, Randall Park
Directors: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg
Screenplay by Dan Sterling
Story by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg & Dan Sterling


UniqueMAXPlay says:

Yeah, such a funny idea. Let’s see what happens if some other country makes
a movie ob killing Omaba. Oh, wait, that’d be an awesome movie anyways.

BrewqHors Huh says:

Teachers on year 3012 be like : “world war 3 happened becuase of a stupid

J Jo says:

Where was America self-righteousness and democratic fervor when dictators
like Franco or Pinochet terrorized Chile or Spain? oh wait, those were
“good” dictators since they actually slaughtered communists along with
their families or anyone else contrary to their ideals. Besides, they
proved to be good lackeys to the US government. So lay them off, okay? We
had no desire whatsoever in bringing democracy there.

And don’t get me wrong, Jon-Un and the North Korean regime are a steaming
sack of shit but please don’t try to make this a matter of principles if
you’re really going to speak in behalf of your country, because you’re
going to be laughed at by people with historical perspective who fully
comprehends how full of shit- or ignorant you are.

Matthew Nash says:

i managed to watch 45 minutes of this, the worst film ive ever seen… and
ive seen a lot of films. james franco overacting, seth rogan playing the
same old angry stoner guy. absolute shit story not funny, its like some
kind of u.s propaganda film taking the piss outta north korea, im not
suprised kim jung un wasnt happy. DONT WANT YOUR TIME. oh unless your about
13,, then you mite like it i duno :S

George Vreeland Hill says:

The Interview

WoodSprite෴ says:

WELL so much for going to North Korea because I’m American.

ilikespacedinosaurs says:

It looks like team america, except without the funny.

Sian Williams says:

I just watched this film yesterday and I swear it was the funniest shit

jualkyn says:

I really want then to make a similar movie about the prophet muhammed now
and see how the islamist bastards react. Fuck those people who cant take a

MC Kim Studios says:

Truth of Kim Jung Un, he is a the best actor in the world. No not the guy
in this movie acting as Kim Jong Un… he real Kim Jung Un. He is harmless,
he won’t shoot there missiles and bombs at anyone. He is just trying to
keep being president to stay wealthy so he dosen’t end up in the streets in
North Korea. He actually might be a nice guy in the inside like in this
movie but on the outside he is acting like he is tough :P

DarkShadow64 says:


#Mazafaka #godblessthesupremeleader #KimJongUn 

Giggy010 says:

People saying “Oh god, prepare to die America” remember something. Its a
film. Honestly I understand why it is considered offensive but this film
has been released but it’s hardly like North Korea have bombed them yet.

North Korea is a military force which though it is large it cannot move
without going to war with a lot of nations over the use of nuclear weapons
which everyone claims they will use.

And before someone goes and say “You wouldn’t like it if they did it your
leaders and mocked them” well I have to say I would laugh my ass off. I’m
no patriot to my countries leadership.

GlitchyShadow13 says:

Imagine if the Koreans really did do 9/11 style bombing on cinemas who
showed this and caused WWIII,
Actually that sounds like the plot of a Seth Logan/James Franco film

Don Goliath says:

love it!

Nicoletta Giardina says:

I think people are overrating what this movie could cause. I know Noth
Korea has threaten America because of the realease of this movie, but
saying this movie is gonna be the reason of Third world war is exagerated,
both presidents are not so stupid.

Manibe says:

I wish my country was important enough to even get close to the polemics
that this move has made… Hue Hue Br Br

Kurt Russell says:


erik edin says:

they hate us because they anus

ZZit Dobalina says:

Do u ever feel like a plastic bag

rkgsd says:

Everyone needs to see “Secret State of North Korea”. You can stream it on
Netflix. You will see there’s nothing cool or funny about North Korea or
Kim Jong-Un.

Oshieru Toshe says:

I watched the movie and you pretty much told the entire story in the
trailer. Why do you give away everything in trailers these day? Good thing
I didnt watch the trailer before the movie.

Sami Luo says:

i have the full version HD in my computer if you guys want i can send to
your email, just drop me an email.. go to my channel.. it s a funny movie

sdhjtge says:

cool… so after seeing the trailer i don’t even have to watch the movie
anymore, they have showed all the significant moments anyway, also i saw
this movie a few days ago, it was shit.

Muhannad Abu Minyar al-Aziz says:

Fuck Kim Jong Un Little bitch

ı ąɱ ą ʂῳɛɖɛ says:

After watching this trailer iv’e never been so sure about this in my whole
Americans are stupid.
Especially those who made this movie…
Prepare for nuclear bombs, America.

The Second Scourge of God says:

You can laugh now, but you will not laugh when both China and North Korea
surpass you in military capability. Another pathetic, childish move by the
Zionist Fascist-supporting media from the ‘Country of Hope and Glory’. You
call North Koreans terrorists, you continuously make and support
propaganda, but it was *YOU* who invaded their country and divided them
even more. No person on this world can blame them for wanting to seek
vengeance on North America. 

Clarence John Alfonso says:

North Korea=.

Yasir Mahayudin says:

“I’ve been pullin out for years son.” LOL

Peter Bayley says:

I really enjoyed this movie, but I still didn’t find it very funny. The
plot was an incredible idea to me though.

samuel mcclelland says:

this was canceled but why???

Soojee Pyo says:

Uh, I am from South Korea, and while I myself laughed watching this
trailer, I have to say you guys went WAY too far. First of all, Kim Jong-un
is NOT President. He is an ABSOLUTE DCTATOR. His grandfather Kim Il
Sung was the evil one who invaded the South and caused the Korean War. Here
in the trailer, that’s where it is said as Jong-Un saying “yes, it was
given to my grandfather by Stalin.” ” “In America it’s said Stallone.”
Please don’t laugh at that. And Kim Jong-un is not a person to be fooled
around with. He has thousands of his own people in concentration camps. You
know the average amount of calories a person eats per day over there? 850!!
Yes. 850!!! That’s the standard of living over there. And
don’t take Jong-Un’s words lightly. This movie makes him look like a stupid
nerd. He is NOT!!!! I am very sure South Koreans will not appreciate this
movie, because they know about Kim Jong-Un. He is not a person to be used
as a satire, just like Hitler wasn’t. Many of you will say, “hey lighten
up, it’s just a movie.” But you don’t know the circumstances between North
and South, or what’s going on in North. You have gone way too far..

Shawn D says:

The killing part I don’t like, but I love some koreanitas!

Dan Ballz says:

Why is NK a certain exclusive from sattire? Much worse films have been made
about much worse things that shed light on terrible world events than this,
why should we blame the US if this did provoke war
1. This wasn’t an official government approved propaganda film to poke fun
at Kim Jong Un and try to provoke him.
2. If a fucking stoner comedy can provoke a nation to go to war, we should
be blaming the country that allowed itself to be provoked by it, why is
everyone calling america retarded, it’s the north koreans who are
threatening WW3 over a bro flick not america you ignorant toss pots

Jenna Simpson says:

I wish we could all bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we’d
all eat it and be happy 

Tonny Milfiger says:

a friend of mine grew up with king kong…

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