The Try Guys Try Drag For The First Time

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The Try Guys are transformed into fierce drag queens for a spectacular, one night only performance.

See the full-length performances by liking the Try Guys on Facebook:
See the full drag photo shoot on BuzzFeed:

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BuzzFeed Video’s The Try Guys:
Ned Fulmer
Keith Habersberger –
Eugene Lee Yang –
Zach Kornfeld

Cupcake Canne
IG & Twitter – @cupcakecanne
Facebook –
Misty Violet
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Mayhem Miller
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Facebook –
Allusia Alusia
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Diana Dzhaketov
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Various selections licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Robyn – Robin Miriam Carlsson / WikiMedia Commons
Kesha 2011 2 crop adj / WikiMedia Commons
Katy Perry – Part Of Me Australian Premiere – June 2012 (7) / WikiMedia Commons
Beyonce Knowles with necklaces / WikiMedia Commons


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BuzzFeedVideo says:

What else should The Try Guys try???

KingMadsen says:

oh god I kinda want to try it now… Just for fun I want to see if I could
be a pretty lady….

MyWorldANION says:

I want the “Try Girls” to try Drag King, please!! :D

Sepehr Raad says:

I just hope my mom doesnt walk in right now

Jenna Ice says:

Gingevitis and Sushi HomeMaker …. The sh* men come up with…
xD I. Just. Died. The Asian guy . Well, Atleast one of them “Drag Mothers”
know how to do make up! He looks better then me! 

Fangy loves homestuck and GHB says:

Funny thing is.. Half of the girls on here are attracted to Eugene and I am
sitting here like ” anyone finds Keith attractive?

tomken8dy says:

Just about any guy can be made up to look like a woman.
It makes you think about what gender really is.

Nat Cat says:

Oh my god Eugene was so gorgeous….

herpsenderpsen says:


Kelcee Guill says:

Sometimes I only watch certain Buzzfeed videos because Eugene is in them.

Katelynn Hueston says:

The asians hot to me. Whats his name this is my first time watching this.

Hannah Carrier says:


alex u says:

sooo im female and i cant even walk in heals ;-;

Sen Flores says:

Here’s my perspective (probably irrelevant, but I’d love to engage in a
discussion about this): Drag shows are intensely misogynistic. They creates
a caricature of women and dehumanize them as something to be mocked,
laughed at, and scorned when they don’t adhere to a standard of beauty.
There’s nothing liberating about a bunch of homosexual men making a show of
this. It infringes on transgender women who struggle to confirm their
identity. The “queens” themselves, however, are doing nothing wrong.
Self-expressionism is vital to any movement, but to make a *show* of it is
counterproductive to progress about awareness.

MrSlyGamer says:

How does Eugene manage to be a sexy male and female… Whaaaa?!

Jessika White says:

Ah hell nah! Where has YouTube taken me?!

Brittany Schaubhut says:

Needs moar Zach. I hardly got to see Kornukopia. :(

adinda alwi says:

That moment when you realize they’re prettier than you :”)

Shaun DYST says:

Legitimate question here, the actual drags said that it was fun to dress up
as a woman and here I thought that drags were guys wanting to be a woman.
So do they want to be women or are they actually doing it for fun? Couldn’t
see how this is fun but I am sure paintball and dirtbikes sounds boring to
some also!

jacksons says:

I’m so confused on what drag is for. Makes me wonder about the gender. He
is a guy but he’s acting like a girl it’s so weird I’m so confused to what
the audience should be feeling. What if a straight guy is attracted? Or
maybe it is for guys who is attracted to this kinda stuff? Idk. But the
feeling I get from drag is females with more power I think that’s kinda
nice. But overall it’s still so confusing and I just think there are so
many complications to the job and idk it’s really weird. 

sherezadelink says:

Eugene! wow

Casey The Pizza God says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Choi JiLi says:

Omg what is the name of asian guy ?! Hahaha has he got IG??? *^* 

Izzy Davis says:

Eugene was incredible, great body, great face…model worthy.

J. Angelique Winston-Williams says:

+Brionna Gayle i will be tagging you in a bunch of videos that you need to
see to survive lol

Shoetsu Otaku says:

Ned has always made a good woman. He just seems to have that face for it.
The try guys try simulated childbirth shock treatment

Marcel Chagnon says:

I like how keith’s girl voice is deeper.

mike hunt says:

This is fucking sick what has this generation come to no I do not want to
be gay media needs to just fucking stop!!

CommissarKozlov says:

What a scary world.

Alisa Gonzalez says:

This drag show needs to be a weekly show.

Kathleen Wallis says:

“If I’m going to be a woman, I’m going to be a classy woman, like my mom.”

sweemare says:

damn! 3 of 4 are girl better looking than me so unfair

The SeeeTeee says:

The Asian guy is so hot. I wish I knew his name because I hate calling him
the Asian guy.

TheChristianPothead says:

I have have and never will understand the interest in men dressing like

Alison Nichole says:

Eugene KILLED it. Like WOW.

Subder Henge says:

Am I the only straight man who ever wondered what it would be like to be
the opposite sex? 

Manfred Holt says:

I’d hate to work for BuzzFeed if this is the kind of thing I’d have to do. 

Stegosaurous rawr says:

They should try showing us a fuller longer video of this

Stéphane Pierre says:


Petit Orenji says:

What were in these young people’s job descriptions…?
“willing to do anything”? Lol.

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