Giant water balloon PRANK on narcoleptic hottie

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Katie, my narcoleptic wife, loves to tan on the deck and fall asleep. Her brother Matt and I thought it would be funny if we hid a giant ballon under her mat, filled it up with water until it exploded. BAM!!!!!! Funny prank. (real estate and prank videos)

The song is Walking on eFeel (Leksy Mashup)


TheMacnabs says:

Our prank video passes 5 mil views. 

Lil Sokz says:

DUDE. where the hell is this place?! I would love to spend my days just
chilling there with my dog and looking up into the blue sky. 

James Crud says:

Yeah as if she didn’t feel it filling up. She lays down flat then half way
through she’s arched with her head back and then you put a towel under it
and she doesn’t notice? Just another fake ass bullshit prank video.

It wasn’t actually that which gave away that this was set up. It’s the fact
that she tried not to laugh when you slapped the balloon at 3:18. Busted!

Wideador says:

the shittiest prank I’ve ever seen

PlaystationPlayer says:

Man she must be a HEAVY SLEEPER! Lol

AimlessMoto says:

So you’re telling me, over an hour in the sun, many people walking around
and making noise, a giant balloon blowing up under her, and “somehow” she
managed to get a towel under her head and NOT touch the balloon what-so


thet gamer says:

Starving kids in africa coud have dranked thet

synysterxdave says:

so whats her narcolepsy got to do with it?


I am sick of hearing about starving kids in Africa
“Starving kids in Africa could have drank that”
“Starving kids in Africa could have used that”
Starving kids in Africa blah blah blah…… IF U CARE THEN DNT JUST KEEP

Mark - says:

About as fake as it gets. First, it’s obvious that whoever posted this has
no idea of what narcolepsy actually is. Secondly, she wouldn’t have been
able to sleep with her head angled down like that. Third, she seemed to be
stifling a grin on the test slap. Fourth, for someone who was supposed to
be sound asleep, her reaction time is pretty quick. In short, I wouldn’t
even call this a nice try.

Liam Davis says:

It would be a cool idea for to use it as a water bed there.

VanillaSnake21 says:

fake, she obviosly wasn’t sleeping, and gay because it was still a
pointless prank which was fake

FuturisticHub says:

I just got cancer watching this and I don’t mean the good kind… there’s
never a good kind.

FCA1975 says:

I guess I missed her, but I saw no hottie.

Ed Sheeran says:

starving kids in Africa could have drenk thet!!!!

Starr Cooper says:

This woman either has no feeling in her body or she knew it was filling up
with water. Anyone would have noticed. Fake

W3L7Y says:

I love American Pranks. We could have have saved half a city with all that
water, but nope, fuck you.

Billy32210 says:

EVEN if it wasn’t fake. Let’s just say for the sake of argument it was
real(we all know it wasn’t.) But even if it WAS, she didn’t seem very
phased by it. So the prank would is a failure either way….just for those
arguing that it is real. Point is, it doesn’t matter if it’s real or not,
it’s a failure.

carolanne housh says:

how didnt she feel it move? fake, she knew what was happening and at the
end it was so fake with how she was making it seem real. if i was her i
would know something was up when they wanted me to lay down, and u could
totally seen the hose going up under the towel, either this is fake or she
is blind or stupid, but if its real then good job.

420 BlazeEt says:

Fucking retards

beyond305 says:

fake ass prank, whats with you rich fags, cant figure out how to waste
enough money so you do you fake pranks?

Dale Kimmons says:

yep totally not staged at all 😐 why the hell is this so popular… too
many bros in the world…

Joseph Sullender says:

Towel magically appears under her head at 3:10

bigziam says:

That was sooooooo stupid but at the same time worth it lol….

DieseL Clan says:

Thats not prank

Raymond Buckler says:

You’re lucky the dock withstood the weight. That was over a ton of water!!

Daan Thijssen says:

I dont believe she didnt wake up

Xepic_piggehX says:

what was that at 3:06 if u pause quickly enough?

Coolbob DHG says:

they aint hot

Conner Bergeson says:

at the end she says he**

Eamonn Kelly says:

Load of shit. These views are obviously bought. Rich kids lookin to be

cj spicey says:

biggest waste of my life ever having watched this

Smiley ox says:

What kind of nap is this? She sleeped about 2-3 hours ….

Millonarios FC says:

So fake…..If she was narcoleptic she could get cataplexy by that stunt.

beyond305 says:

trust fund babies

John Crux says:

She knew that was going on, still funny though

snicker doodle says:

How did she not feel him kicking it and stuff

Bruh Sparkles says:

How does the feel the balloon moving under her?this is sorta duke but cool
to watch

Zach Bellman says:

At 3:13 theres nothing but at 3:15 she has a towel under her head. Fake

Maja Janusz says:

This is SO fake!!! I mean come on, how did she not notice (unless she was
in a very deep sleep) that you were pushing the baloon which wobbled with
her on top of it! – Its still cool though. BUT fake as!!!

billy bob says:

Man I can tell it’s fake from the beginning when the camera guy is filming
the 2 girls, it’s so staged lol the way they’re like “why do you have the
camera??” And they wouldn’t walk around him so perfectly like that either,

OfficialHarry says:

Is this a prank or just some rich kids 

Bob Joe says:

no way she didn’t notice??

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