Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look

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Who isn’t Gaga crazy? This look was requested, and I apologize for taking so long to do it, I was terribly busy over the holidays, but here it is! Enjoy! I know the video was short, but the look was so easy to do that I did not see a reason for it to be super long. =) Original Lady Gaga video here A photo of the finished look. Obviously we all know Lady Gaga had CG applied to her eyes, but that doesn’t mean we cannot replicate the look using makeup. As you can see, it looks very close to her big GOOGLY eyes, maybe not as crazy looking haha! You can use After Effects to enlarge the eyes. Please follow me on Twitter Please add me on Facebook! Lancome Artliner Anastasia Brow Whiz in Medium Ash Anastasia Clear Brow Gel Urban Decay Ammo Plus Eyeshadows Sephora White Eyeliner Rhoto V Eyedrops (these are the bomb!) Shu Uemura Painting Liner in White Afterglow Organic Mineral Blush in Tickle Maybelline Pink Please Lipstick Lens- G-201 Gray Max Pure gray Dress – I went to Partycity and bought a clear table cloth, cut out a dress pattern, glued it together and made my dress. Super easy! How I boiled the hair. Got the idea from here


RabbitLove3 says:

You make a pretty lady gaga :3

aeshahsarah says:


Ali Davidson says:

I love Michelle Phan. She’s so awesome!

imogenproductions1 says:

how did u do the eye effect, i want to do it for a video project of mine

VictoriaGrasiano says:

i loved u are so cute, and ur voice, everything in this video is nice even when u remove that things

ricebunny148 says:

That was you? R u sure???

Trifonsdude says:

iStone is old too.

Violet Rose says:

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Yasmin Gonsalves says:

nossa iso é muito foda vc fika muito fofa

Marceline Marcy says:

Im watching this is my IPotato 😀 Its new 😀

TheShowOfPancakes says:

dude… 2037 isnt made yet.. liars these days O.O

nooone29 says:

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MeTHoDPsYcH01 says:

us as a man need to eliminate the entire female species, 32 million views on this crap? we need 32 million views on how to load a gun to protect ourselves, our family. thumbs up

Hannah Evans says:

dude, ima watchin’ this in 2890 on my iAir

cibella1000 says:

you are soww cute X3

ملاك الحلوة says:

اللوكك الاخير موصج روععة ()’

flightcruiser1 says:


NoahRHPS says:

Did you seriously touch the bottle of eye drops to your eyeball? -___-

Other than that, GREAT VIDEO! 😀

lianapaulina7 says:

this is incredibly cool

Angeline Humble says:


Maria Timotheadou says:

3:50 i cryied too

Brandon Brown says:

the istone it wasn’t even made back its more like walkstone’s buy stony

Chris Brown says:

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Kate Shetekauri says:

u rock

rodakalikis says:

This was an absolutely wonderful how-to video. I usually don’t watch videos on how to put on makeup but I was enthralled with you professionalism and the quality of your presentation.  Good work!

VeronikaCullen says:

“like” for pretty girl! I like her :]

mirrormask17 says:

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Agentbutthead2012 says:

This was crazy cool. Loved it!

love fantage says:


Erika Falkiewicz says:

U hav flawless skin! So jealous!

haileyhunt90 says:

She looks like an actual cartoon!

dancestardevin345 says:

haha yep lets blast off

Carisa Smith says:

*Goes to future and see if there are tablets on bikes* Yep, they do. :3

Onedirectiion101 says:

Oh man, I hate fake eyelashes.. :) they always hurt

dancestardevin345 says:

ik haha

latifat olatunji says:

really cool i loved the eyes

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XxmalakyXx says:

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Carisa Smith says:

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MissCalaisLoveer1991 says:

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AcuraTLovin says:

Love it!

AVDM13 says:

OMFG I did it and I found a pink IPad under my pillow!!!! THANK YOU!

feefig22 says:

Now how do I get it off

TypicalCathy says:

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benke96kling says:

why am i watching this?! i’m a guy …

quirkycreator says:

woe so cartoony!

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