Reporter turns ghetto in 3 seconds

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A news reporter catches flies fly in his mouth during a story.


KandiGurl56 says:

Lolr omfg

samuriguy909 says:

RWJ is an unfunny faggot.

driddle0183 says:

He’s acting all whit in the beginning!! Hahaha

shirosaki97 says:

This needs to be on RWJ

dirtyjuggalo420 says:

Shit flyin in my mouth, i cant see,pollin,lets get the fuck outta here

ftrg09 says:

lol. the nigger came out.

inkey2 says:

more likely he hates it there and just took the job because employment in the TV journalism industry is not easy to find. You take what you can find and try to work your way to a better TV station. He is probably a city person who had to take a job in a country area

dragonsafire1746 says:

soooo funny!! haha cant stop laughing

Gotmack24 says:

Funny as hell

Akeem Lawrence says:


mission49ers says:

ha! ha!ha!

Phillip Rodriguez says:

“wait that was wrong” You don’t say?

XXMizzdayna92XX says:

lmfaooo done that wayyyy to many times rotfl!

demasta857 says:

omg cant stop laughing “wait that was wong”

SuperLC1010 says:

He wants to get out the country because a bug flied into his mouth. HAHAHA this guy makes me laugh, high 5 to him!

Sharinastar034 says:

@zirus111 on everything! Lmfao

philsag says:

dafaqiz dat!?

dunk23nc says:

All that from a bug lmao!!

MyStro GreeneTV says:


TheSlytherin777 says:

Watching this is in lab was NOT A GOOD IDEA. Lmao!

Emmanuel Vaughns says:

was this real???

BOHICA308 says:

The most famous mosquito in the world lmao

Natalia Hudson says:

Hilarious I keep watching this shit

Phillip Rodriguez says:

I love how the camera man is laughing in the back round…

SkyyzShallOvercome says:

“What the h*ck is that?!”

jltaco85 says:

Went from decent working black person to ignorant-ass nigga in 0.2 seconds

sailoroftheyear says:

Crazy.. that guy went off

DirtyMrWoods says:

I wanna know what happened to chris woods!

zirus111 says:

From Morgan Freeman to Samuel l Jackson in 4seconds

Notoria666 says:

wait that  was wrong

watsuprebecca16 says:

wtf???lol i was like omg o_o

2Bonita08 says:

oh that is just the funniest…i can’t stop laughing…

FookinBelta says:

:O Chris Woods got choked by a grasshopper!

Sara Holley says:


Nick Pangburn says:

maybe Chris was attacked by Flies?????

leowaannzzz94 says:

849 people live in that country ass fucked up town.

juansait says:

dafuck is dat

Lateef139 says:

this is funniest shit ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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