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Dangerously funny videos created and produced by Rémi GAILLARD.


ChinUpSwag says:

iPhone 5 review on my channel!

PokeNarutard says:

I want to know how he’s able to hang upside down like that.

espaciador tecla barrin says:


Uprising771 says:

he loves fuckin with the cops

PwnageGobeProduction says:

I love how he runs into the cop car lol

Ovgaga says:

Jajajaajaaja its a fucking good

Lauren Peters says:

2:00 XD

patsasify123 says:

french are crazy !! 😉 and remy is my hero !

thelixir715 says:

nothing like scaring a cute girl

saitinlovesyou says:

worst adventure ever

mxelectrosound says:

the comment no longer exists, barney’s gone :'(


Lord Remi, The best from france

KitostheSecond says:

Well, that was a pretty short adventure Barney

pivotes100 says:

0:47 lol

Hapydude101 says:

GHOST BUSTERS! I’m sorry what’s going on in this vid again?

TheDimking says:

Your pranks are great, but please don’t film them with a calculator

OfficialStrangeTV says:

Check out my channel!!!

frhacktrolarouz says:

ese es mi remy a jajaajajajjjaja

Connie Collins says:

@sk4ptic U did what to that poor lepracaun :O

phantompanic says:

Ya, expose of your fake god for a real one… You’re finally growing up!

Nikkanika89 says:

you are my new God XD

binosho says:

no matter how many time i see that that’s just so epic

MegaLolza says:

…he’s the troll France deserves, but not the one it needs right now…

xXlaetyXx says:

L’une de mes préférée. Il est juste épique ce mec.

robogamer64 says:

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr The ADVENTURE is over *(

NzKya says:

I’ve seen this comment before… alot.

michael petersen says:

2:27 that cop is mean

MogguSama says:

1:56 ROFL

Toby Lau says:

What he say?

CrippledEmo says:

hes has a clean record

CrippledEmo says:

nope cuz he lives in france

CrippledEmo says:

he has a clean record

justine schmitt says:

how did his blood not rush to his head and make him black out?

mihajlo miki says:

goust basters

bastien531 says:

pourquoi la musique de ghost ?

ShaggyThe64 says:

thank you “comment no longer exists” you have saved me from what i believe would have been a long stream of shit posts

SyedAhmedUnited says:

how does he stand upside down on the roof?

AlphaWolfLulu88 says:

This man is my hero.

silviuchca says:

2:00 my favorite part ♥ lol

KurczakChiken says:

Level’s Trolling
2.SA Wardega
3.Very High

LesAbrutisDuNet says:

Je vous invite à VISITER ma chaîne si vous appréciez :
-Les vidéos drôle
BREF tout ce qui est tourné vers l’humour et le ridicule !
Donnez une chance à ma chaîne SVP, je vous remercie d’avance :)

RemiNokia says:

In France you get nothing for that,he gets 24 hours in jail for annoying cops or punching them.

Bejenaru Alexandru says:

HAHHAHAH!!! Too Funny.this guy is awesome!

DeL1C10rCs says:

fucking cops always busting poor old bats

123angelcaido says:

the comment no longer exists

CamiloSanchez1979 says:

Man the French seem to actually know what freedom means

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