lego indiana jones

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indiana jones lego style Hey guys now im gonna go for 3 million hits! I am not the original creator if you want to see the original creators go to


MrMinifig101 says:

hehe lol

Christopher Castillo says:

make a parkour one

johnnyhoedown says:

NICE JOB MAN! That was really funny, I liked the ending where it turned out to be c3po. 😀 My only suggestion is that you need to focus your camera on the lego men before you take the picture, try close up mode. Come check out my videos! :)

cs1craft says:

I liked it but bad graphics

John Schuette says:

No. Fucking. Way.

Froggy7771 says:

This is the first video I watched on Youtube. :)

Crazyfilmstudios1 says:

youre the one who started cursing out of nowhere.

Marcus Loo says:


Andres Guerrero says:

i saw this when i wuz 7 or 8 years old

codyhunter1644 says:

Han solo?!! Yeyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomás Soto Marcicano says:

esse video é muito legal e manero

thirstierfoot11 says:

yea i see them in walmart all the time! :)

jamesnerfer11 says:

same. a whip from the past

bemogaming says:

your gay

compute101 says:

They do?

thirstierfoot11 says:

they do!

WaHeyProductions135 says:

i watched this video when i was 7 years old : )

HighwayStopMotionz says:

Nice video must have took a lot of work….If u liked this video you will love our channel :)

LikeaBoss20001 says:

That’s not funny… dick.

Ethan Hickman says:

Do you want a cool building, vehicle, etc. Well for a resonable price I will send you (a set and instructions in case of breaks) Details if you email me at now there are deals for the next person gets a free lego minifigure. Thanks please order something.

compute101 says:

I wish they would bring back the Lego Indy sets. Thumbs up if you agree!

Applehead1221 says:

If you like this you will like my channel.

wesfoshee says:

LOL  Great ending, I didn’t see that coming.

JonVautier says:

Great film!…..check out mine (Leave The City Dead LEGO EDIT) :-)

compute101 says:

I wish they still made Lego Indy sets. :(

viekas2 says:

this is classic

JonVautier says:

Great Video…if you like this, come check out mine!

legoboss07 says:

awesome vid.

AnchorTeenGuysFilms says:

LEGO RAMBO SHOOTOUT!!! Check out my channel!!

whatwhycomeon says:


mac keeble says:

are you serious i watch this 220200002020202020202 bc 😛 with my isword :P

ShortNick324 says:

Oh the good ol days when YouTube just started and

horrormovierapfan244 says:

whatz the video “lego death by 4th of july” anyway man???!!!

dadstuffings says:

EXCUSE ME ?!?!?!?!

SuperLegolover23 says:

Great job! I like the twist at the end!keep up the good work:)

MnJ117productions says:

Haha funny! VERY WELL DONE!

Crazyfilmstudios1 says:

Thanks for noticing 😛

Nomzor99 says:

Well that’s really original 😛

Gidget Johnson says:

Stupid star wars!!!!!!!!!!!

OshawottGalaxy says:


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