Fat kids are useful…

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Fat kid launches skinny kid skyward by way of BLOB.


yzerman19fan1 says:

thats funny the kid got some air with that one

michael stanley says:

we iz sooo BARRY

SPepisodes says:

Anti 0:50 waste time service

ricka15 says:

0:50 : service waste time anti

mile225jr says:


LFrisk949 says:

this is funny but make them dance first chek out this one kid on my page haha kids these days :p i shall find a blob

poketelefan says:

moving away from the usefulness/ uselessness of fat people i think we can all agree the only thing chav’s are useful for are keeping prison cells full

Jeremy Roberts says:

holy cow he flu

666scav says:

took him 50 seconds to get up there to illustrate how fat he was

Envora says:

lol it’s blob vs blob xD

GreatWhiteSharker87 says:

That would be fun!

superjoe87 says:

Big Air! +200

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cardinalsown44 says:

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Herman Garcia says:

Wish I culd do that lol

2105angelika says:

0:54That would be fun xD

Frederik Nielsen says:

Lol it took 50 seconds to get up. WTF

djandross says:

is this water blobl 35′ or 40′ ??

Wouter van Dijk says:

Area 47

CyberXStation says:

more like skinny kids that just doesnt work

Thymennn says:

The real question is : How many fat kids does it take to launch a fat kid?

zombiekiller4365 says:

fail troll

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