Sweet Brown: No time for bronchitis.

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I love this lady. And how Joleen almost laughs in the voice over. twitter.com Thanks to all who watched! We finally got her some cold pop: youtu.be YOU CAN SUPPORT SWEET BROWN HERE: sweetbrownapproved.com Proceeds go to her.


JustThatGirI says:

Haha, that was cute

gary yoyo says:


Debbietravels says:

I can’t seem to get the video to play. Any suggestions? anyone?

shootingst4r1 says:


JaKaili01 says:

But do y’all see her son walking back and forth behind the camera with that look on his face like “Now I told her good don’t say nothing crazy!!!” LMAO

Kendra Penney says:

The new Antoine Dodson

SweeTeaVee says:


sarahstout02 says:

I’m not stupid AND I’m not rude. If you don’t like my comment, move on, rather than being nasty.

MindofChrist12 says:

is this like legitimately real?

mixedguycody says:

Well sadly that was her last story. She later died from Bronchitis. She had a severe case of it, people told her to go see a doctor. She then replied to every one of them, “Aint nobody got time for that.”

Aimee McDaniel says:

this is just great! haha NOT the fire bc “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

creekgirls2012 says:

The smoke got me.I got bronchitis.

llpoxon says:

Are you trolling, or just stupid?

TheAussieStig30 says:

Sweet Brown and the Bed Rapist would make an awesome couple to interview

Afterm4th says:

aint nobody got time for smoke and bronchitis

ZiearMcoy says:

No. Bronchitis is inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchi, the airways that carry airflow from the trachea into the lungs. Wiki that shit.

Joe Mull says:

I was gonna make an Antoine Dodson joke, but ain’t nobody got time fo dat

AvaKisses07 says:

Oh sweet brown.

coldminehot says:

no bronchitis is a disease in ur bronchi it causes asma etc .

MeandNe1 says:

Lmao!!!! Ahhh man *on the floor* lmao! But im glad no one got hurt…..muhaaahaaa

kingb36norsk says:


WineGumKing says:

where your bronchi swells up so air doesnt get to your lungs as well.

kingb36norsk says:

What is bronchitis?

wozniacki15 says:

Love this woman…I love how she stays upbeat, she knows the apartment is gone, but she still has her life, and that’s all that matters!!!

2294jcp says:

The rest is the news report
Aint nobody got time for that!

lehna1234 says:

i love how her eyebrows go up when she says pop

DarthSQ says:

Thank God no one was injured! Coldpops fa’ errrbody!!!!!

ira lapina says:

this is probably antoine dodson’s mom

aronzei says:

I watched this video when ain’t no body got time for that.

Misaxish says:

Jesus IS a fire…it’s in the book

jacksepticeye says:

This woman believe Lord Jesus is a fire? hmmm interesting

mycraven4drums says:

@ mryeezywest dude walking by is her son. The are on another video being interviewed & he kept saying he was praying she don’t get on TV & embarrass him. Notice his has in prayer motion over his face. Haha…

sweetsacrifice5 says:

Is this a dream?

edd ed says:



TwistedMentality089 says:

American news ,, wht a joke

SatyrThrone92 says:

to the ghetto with you then ;D

adamv95 says:

She is the lady from Tom and Jerry.

tionnanicole95 says:

It doesn’t get any less funny…ever!

jamesxdunbar says:

575 people aint got no time fo’dat, as in, getting a cold pop when somebody is barbequin’

jamesxdunbar says:

ahhh crazy black people! so fun!

sarahstout02 says:

She is such fun!  I’ll bet she’s one of those people who is a great story teller all the time!

WheresMyUSA says:

docta said i need a backiotomy!

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