Try to watch this without laughing or grinning

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TheGreatPretend says:

Funny music

jonnywilson1212 says:

Not funny

llordflamer says:

I completed the challenge, prize please

Gamer8734 says:

Yay. I actually did it!!!

TNTxRioTzZ says:

Fucking shiiiite ..wake up man !

fergamel says:

not funny at all. whats wrong w/ you ppl?

JBLFCrulez4 says:

To answer possible questions about why I’m watching it, it’s because I came across it while checking how high Gangnam Style is on the most viewed ranking xD

JBLFCrulez4 says:

(This doesn’t apply to this video at all, as it’s just not funny I’m sorry :/) Some genuinely funny videos are ruined by people putting, “try not to laugh” on them, so you go in almost determined that you will not enjoy the video. People that do this are wasting a possibly hilarious video, and ruining it for the viewer. It makes me sad ):

jaspnguy says:

First time
It was pretty amusing

dinxton2 says:

@sexysweetie100 NO WE WON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!ö

sexysweetie100 says:

Check out sexysweetie100

janpopo says:


dale14ism says:

So not funny waste of my life!!!

DiiLemmaZ says:

I’m blazedd right now and still didn’t laugh..

homsi1984 says:

Dumbass ponyblower never evan smiled never mind laugh

jackiefatman says:

Try to laugh

MrBiscuitMonsters says:

People say this is rubbish but i bet they laughed

Graham king says:

Thats 53 seconds of my life that I will never get back

It is rubbish

Kobu Wood says:

Fuckin shite not even funny sort ur self out

Rachel Shannon says:

This is pretty crap…

TheLouisrex says:

So hard not to laugh

XxMyDogIsASexyBeast1 says:

So stupid………………

rocknrollontehgo says:

I was grinning but after 10 secs I was like wth and at 37 I was like off you go

zomiekiller2000 says:

That’s not funny

zoeredadams says:

Did anyone not smile their first time watching this?

XBOXbrothers7 says:


Elliewellie13 says:


Elliewellie13 says:

I didn’t laugh I just forme

Bartłomiej Kowalski says:

Ona tanczy

sowot72 says:

I managed without laughing for a whole 5 seconds…….. Then turned it off coz it’s shit!

MrBoredGuyy says:

Not funny at all its lame and pathetic…

Nathan Lai says:

I lasted 3sec. I mean my penis.

rileypupboo says:

Sorry but I think it’s pathetic :/

StarFlasherzz says:

my friend didnt even make it to 5 seconds i lasted the whole vid

MagicOranges says:

Lasted 23 seconds

liverpoolandcars says:

I didn’t laugh or smile IWIN

Turquoise1000 says:

I lasted 2 seconds.

MrSimonc5887 says:


shianne ghent says:


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