Loreen – Euphoria (Sweden) 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Official Preview Video

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Powered by: www.eurovision.tv Loreen will represent Sweden at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan with the song ‘Euphoria’.


lemonstrevosgien says:

She looks like Ruslana… ^^

zeufackjorel says:

Troppo forteee
Spacca tuttooo

fittsaftitrosan says:

i know but it stil sucks penis

unrea L says:

has* most* has*, and its “eurosong” so it doesn’t have anything to do with usa. Even the title says “Sweden”

Titowam says:

Please, use the correct grammar before you try to troll people. It wasn’t even a good one, and I don’t even troll.

zeynep bakar says:

ne biçim şarkı lan bu



dreascot1 says:

love this song x

mrnudl1000 says:

it isn’t creepy….it’s diffrent 😀

mrnudl1000 says:

Marija,Lena& Loreen *-* still the best <3

andreykoom says:

new song One mile of words

TheMustik92 says:

failed attempt to troll. It’s sad to see…

Duleidys16 says:

-Mama voy a matar a 5164 Personas
-Hijo pero es demasiadas personas
-Tranquila mama me acompañan 48943

fittsaftitrosan says:

Loreen is Bullshit music just like moast music from usa after 2000. But she gots a big vagina :)

confla says:

How do someone dislike this???

Tubyear says:

Yes, full energy !! :-) Nice! ♪♫♪ Nice!

kalosanin2 says:

this sux big time

sabiie94 says:

Her dancing is kind of creepy.

DonSammir says:

where’s boobs?

Defne Lorina says:

Defne Lorina : LOLA…

Bedasek says:

who needs tits if the main part is below…

thomfmify says:

Loreen Euphoria Spa- Spa- Spa- Spa- Spast-Song!

DelischesLP says:

-.-! kiddy

Davidludak says:

jebe se ko stuka 😀

Ral Uca says:

3:09 – RIP headphone users..

BloodyDahia says:

She looks like she’s airbending.

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