Ivi Adamou – La La Love (Cyprus) 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Official Preview Video

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powered by www.eurovision.tv Ivi Adamou will represent Cyprus in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan with the song “La La Love”.


fxn20 says:

la la love 8,000,000 views!!!

Nahide Şimay says:

ım just honest 😉

Constantinescu Anastasia says:


Gguillermo Ttorres says:

I love this chain my favorites

djnino1998 says:


48omonoia says:

is all about politics

lamppukatti says:

My favourite song 4 ever! Greetens from Finland! :)

4eppl says:

It’s not all about alliances though. Sweden sort-of has an alliance with our neighbouring countries, but this year we didn’t give them any high points. In fact. our 12 p this year went to Cyprus and the song became popular in Sweden after Eurovision too. Some countries does actually vote for their favorite song and not just favorite country.

4eppl says:

If it’s based on political opinions, why does the UK get so bad scores all the time? One would think they were an important country…

MrTorbehn says:

Sweden 12 405 573 views final position 1st

48omonoia says:

yes but Sweden is biggest country from Cyprus and has more alliances than us

4eppl says:

Usually Sweden gets about last (2010 we didn’t even get to the Eurovision final) too, so I think the reason Euforia won was (of course also due to our nice neighbours Norway & Denmark) the fact that people all over Europe actually liked our song during the final, not afterwards.

dogukan bayesen says:


48omonoia says:

If Cyprus will have a good song next year(btw is 80% sure that we will not participate next year) we will get also last positions because we don’t have alliances with other countries only Greece.

4eppl says:

And how are you so sure Cyprus will have a good song next year? It will probably be sorta bad, like most Eurovision songs. Also, a big reason for this songs great fame AFTER the competition is the fact that it became a radio-hit, as it’s good radiomusic. Lastly, Sweden 12,407,574 views, final postition 1st <3

ali göksay says:

türkeler begenınde yabancılar bişey sansın la

dboyDenizli1907 says:

This video is only Illuminati. It doesn’t suites to the song. I expected more disco type or something like that and at the lyrics from Paris to L.A. over the night, there mostly.

Michael Wender says:

Hatun Sen Ne At Suratlı Şeysin Ya

48omonoia says:

In the semi final the truth is that she didn’t sang well because she was sick!But in the final she sang very well

munherpes says:

This got many views since the radio edit is very catchy and popular, but live on eurovision her singing was really inadeqaute; her voice was just too weak. If she had sung better, Cyprus would have gotten more points!


yes suddenly we gave birth to 8000000 people of cypriots…


the girl is simly a greek godess!excellenttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

48omonoia says:

ahahhahahahaha believe me are not :)the population of Cyprus is 900.000 and i don’t think that the hole population of Cyprus watch this lol is ridiculous..don’t say stupidities ;p

Erik Mikkus says:

I think many of the viewers of this video are from Cyprus, but at the Eurovision, you can’t vote for your country. This may be the reason, why it was 16th.

xqf3rgh24tg4e5tg4ert says:


48omonoia says:

There are other ways for our songs to become famous is not necessary to participate to eurovision.We really socked that Ivi got 16th place..We expected higher….Unfortunately all countries vote politically vote their neighbours and not their favourite song..

Robin Bluub says:

Yes, but then your great songs never become famous, because he ESC is a very high jump for th career :-) I think the worriest thing is that some points are given because of the history of a country…but every year the ESC is a really nice entertainment

GeorgeT9788 says:

i la la love it <3

48omonoia says:

I know is really sad..but what else we can do?the only thing that we can do is to never participate ever again in Eurovision as Cyprus =/

Robin Bluub says:

Hello, yes that’s really shit. This song is great and I was very surprised that it’s only at place 16. Greetings from Germany 😉 Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalooove it

MrAnonimos123 says:


fumameci1 says:

Dale like a la cancion flipante

μαρια περακη says:

teleio (Y)

thanathos1573 says:

Excelente produccion

Mariia Chantal says:

Una chulada Congratulations!!!!!!!

paawpTV says:

Not gonna happen

Jey King says:

she reminds me of Emmy Rossum. :)

Ömer Akyavaş says:

Cyprus was my favorite. but it was the worst performance

Laki Pisa says:

la mejor para bailar

dilosee says:

my favorite song <3 Eurovision is very false :(

OoOlovelyanimesOoO says:

en eurovision no le salio tan bien pero buenoo

48omonoia says:

dude pls the problem wasn’t her voice…

vivasoraya says:

Suck our cocks…

vivasoraya says:

She was sick :(, anyway, she did it very well!!

TheiSwedishVirus says:

The truth is that she wasn’t very good live(i belive she was sick) and her voice just didn’t sound good :/
I still voted for her ^^

Minafavortier says:


jrob1130 says:

i love her from japan<3

GkhnTURKEY says:

her birthday: 24.November 1993 she is too young 😀

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