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bmx: mike miller is the boss! you might also like: nice bmx video part of street and ramp shredder mike miller. 2:20 – best spot! :) 3:20 best 180 ever :) !! Click this link to subscribe to WOOZYBMX for more! It’s FREE! another great bmx street video: – more free bmx videos: – music by pelican – lost in the headlights. about woozybmx: is an online bmx video magazine. it was founded in 1999 by bmx / action sports filmmaker dominik wrobel. the woozybmx youtube channel was launched in 2006 and has since grown to the biggest bmx channel on youtube. the 20 inch bike films on the channel are produced by wrobel and many other professional filmmakers. also many bmx bike & lifestyle/sport brands present their videos on woozybmx. wrobel mainly shoots on panasonic & canon cameras. the footage from the dslr & hd video cameras is edited on mac computers using various editing software. wrobel’s goal for the next years is to keep having fun with “kids bikes” & deliver videos that people enjoy & motivate to ride.


abmcdaniel55 says:

I jus bought a pink framed bike pro bMx r they good

sebasian lopez says:

i can barspin shoveit

juanmigueljmca says:

Wou yea

Angus Allan says:

can you backy?!

Frederico Silva says:

that was sick

BenDunphy1 says:

wat a pro

RDG60641 says:

it wouldnt match his skinny lowrider jeans….duh

BmxNRG says:

i can do 0:04 to 0.06

KuShGaNNjA says:

subed m8.

mikilopez99 says:

omg the best

ELOSEDubstep says:

how do they slow down lol?



gregisfreestyle says:

Shit like this just makes me want to ride a bike right now. NOW!

KiwisurfApps says:

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i forgot to menchin all caps


seach COLE SWALHAN BMX JUMP  u did much better that him

endorphinchamp says:

Cause he can.

chocolatelead says:

I can do that, here save my spot

Lunablijleve says:

wooooooooooow! you are super cool!

RhythmicRaiders says:


xXCilentKilleRXx says:

Man i want to ask u something….Are u human?xD…GOOD JOB u awesome!!!!!

Thegreatalex316 says:

953 people tried to do these tricks

20Harris10 says:

most watched bmx video on youtube

Eren Tiras says:

Güzel video götelek.

C0LiDe says:

Achievement Unlocked : The GOD of BMX

484peachy says:

GREAT! buy if only they had a better camera

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