Jason Derulo – Ridin’ Solo (Official Video in HD)

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© 2010 WMG “‘Download Jason’s new album “Future History” featuring the smash hits “It Girl & “Don’t Wanna Go Home”: www.smarturl.it Buy Jason Derulo’s smash self titled debut album on iTunes – wbr.fm Featuring the worldwide #1 singles, “Whatcha Say” & “In My Head”, and chart topper “Ridin’ Solo”! 9 Hits. 1 Album. JasonDerulo.com Official website: www.jasonderulo.com Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com YouTube subscribe: www.youtube.com


alexsus1999 says:

why hasnt he made another song yet? he is talented

omegasniper13 says:

…it could be a woman…/man….or it was opposite day when he wrote the comment…or he was drunk…which is always a good excuse, just sayin’

omegasniper13 says:

Idk why but i cant stop listening to this song….its just…upbeat

Richie0ful says:

Be proud of who you are, don’t give a damm wat people say about you, jus do wat u feel like doing -.-…

hernandez shahid says:

enfin.. I”m Solooooo

theguyufuckover says:

i send this video to a friend after he got broken up with didnt help

John Postma says:

yes im not stupid

TheEscuchadora says:

just kiss her already

theguyufuckover says:

jim and them.com

thesinger12014 says:

hes a good singer guys dont hate okay…..

Ilias Vassilaidis says:

do you know what autotune is?

Nino Cuboy says:

it is not Autotone you fuckin fagot Forever

John Postma says:

it is not Autotone you fuckin fagot

Kryzeiu says:

I am riding so low . XD HAHA 😀

Jonathan Small says:

only difference is.. Jason Derulo doesn’t beat women 😀

adam123cool says:

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1jhazzii says:

Jason Derulo > Chris brown

mercdeathsquad says:

but there is a lot wrong with that comment

Sexydoof14channal says:

Uhhhh Autotune at the begining?

resolx says:

only he doesnt beat women

jacob danos says:

Sponsored by Honda CRZ much? hmm nahhh

8800userable says:


8800userable says:


8800userable says:


ShnozelMan says:


maria77648 says:

Thumbs up if your watc……. lol jk jk
just enjoy the music !

luvsweetheart says:

I know huh I was thinking the same too..he really reminds me of Chris Breezy lol

Danijel Radoja says:

jason is better dancer

Giulio Pini says:

@lovemeLiike Chris Brown is kinda like him,wtf are u sayin.

pinoyboyxxl says:

no… chris brown is kinda like jason derulo 😀

MrFenixWright says:

Miss this kind of music… :l

FrancescoBian says:

video or it didnt happen

keonna larkins says:

this is my song love it

ani2595 says:

well, u have 80 likes

now what?

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doorfart1 says:

i love it

ani2595 says:

Wow, i read this conversation and liked every comment except the stupid one

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