Funniest Stand up Comedy Ever by Jim Carrey

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Jim Carrey before he was a star and After he was a star!!! Discover The Powerful And Proven Stand-up Comedy Secrets


Semos says:

I disagree with you on your original comment. 1st – This was a long time ago, those male focused jokes are old now, but you gotta remember the time-frame that the joke was being said in. 2nd – This was funny to myself, and whoever else found it enjoyable.
Now to add to the argument. You state that someone could not hold a proper discussion with you, yet you are replying with even more immaturity than that of the person you are insulting. So GG sir. Enjoy your intellectual life.

olegR0m says:

I suppose that’s the jacket his mother made for him. In The Mask Jim asked to sew the same jacket as a tribute to his mom

Jimmy Page says:

Look you fucking moron.

I made a comment originally which you obviously disagreed with. My comment must have really hurt you. Suck shit. Now, you could have come here and had a proper discussion, like an intelligent person.

Instead, you posted “troll” and ran away, like a 3-year-old child.

Now go suck a cock, swallow the discharge of said cock……and STOP FUCKING PLAYING THE VICTIM.

You are an annoying pest.

alienfetusllc says:

i know your father mistreated you, but you will not feel good with yourself insulting me

GIandVS says:

is that supposed to be a joke?!?!

GIandVS says:

i think u could be a comedian

GIandVS says:

woah woah woah woah…  WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?

Marco772009 says:


Stephen Vasquez says:


Jimmy Page says:

Fuck-off you useless piece-of-shit.

Fucking pea-brained moron. lol.

Fallen1152 says:

Was this before or after the Mask movie? I think he stole that jacket.

shadowcrazy says:

was it because his letterman joke sounded like a penis joke?

Sebastian Stanache says:

try wash yourself first…

PhoeFira says:

Louie Anderson?! XD WTF

TheHardwareGeek says:

Oh please tell me how awesome were your 90s. I lived the 90s too and guess what, sorry to burst your bubble my friend.

blackbarbiebombshell says:


ilikechiks100 says:

maybe because you are too young.

cyrus mass says:

if you really want to see a decent carry stand up watch greatest jim carrey stand up theres 3 parts 2,3 are the best out of them this one is just terrible

frank zelenc says:

very funny at least i have a sense of humor

johnphayre says:

John phayre stand up clip 1&2

TheEnderPigShow says:

Jim Carrey is that you? Cuz i just LOLed so much

farluu1 says:

We obviously do not agree on what is funny. 

farluu1 says:

you should just say wacka wacka after a zinger like that. cornball.

nikki white says:

I didn’t laugh once….this is stupid

Marco772009 says:

Then maybe you should close your legs. Just sayin.

RynoB56789 says:

Good ole 240p

Emmanuel G. Marquez says:

please explain to me how the FUCK that was funny. Maybe people back then did way too many hard drugs, because that is the only way id ever find that funny…


acts like him too

neilagutaya says:

You are probably smelling yourself.

mgpime says:

Carrey ‘s comic appeal lacked staying power

glaxglax says:

he’s more of a performer than a comic, he’s good at what he does but it isn’t writing jokes

HomersOmar says:

I don’t smell anything…

farluu1 says:

this stinks

usamah alqarni says:

Jim carrey is the person who made the troll face

guitarshreder43 says:

ahh 240p we meet again

Trollin Youhard says:

chode neck.

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