Justin Timberlake GROPES Mila Kunis at MTV Movie Awards 2011

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‘Friends With Benefits’ costars and rumored lovers Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis told onlookers they’ve never dated and are more like “brother and sister”. They then began openly groping each other in their private areas as photographers snapped away.


SharinganMan says:

It’s extremely funny to me that you’ve been aggressively trying to argue with this guy without realizing that there has been no point on which you two have disagreed

Nielsen700 says:

I like blue waffles.

inf0101 says:

All that aside, What you said still doesn’t add any credibility to religion. Just because you believe something does NOT make it true.

inf0101 says:

And still, science says that “this” is what’s possible if “this” and “Under these circumstances, this is impossible” unless some new evidence/factor comes into play. Your point of scientist stating “to travel faster than the speed of light (is impossible)” is void by the way as it was by Einstein, a theoretical physicist, not a “scientist”, like you said earlier. It is widely agreed with for good reason.

inf0101 says:

Technically you are right. It’s mathematics, which is used to describe physics and is tightly intertwined with science. They put forth models for possible scenarios in the universe use mathematical logic to describe them. That’s good that you’re fascinated by them. Intelligence is a hard thing to measure but surely you would agree that you’re probably more knowledgeable or aware than most people on subjects like that if what you say is true.

derpderp69666 says:

More like (show comment) (show comment) (show comment) Comment no longer exists.

Sir Biggles says:

i like turtles

ikilleduku says:

no my sister is 8 years old, O.o

bartvanlierop1997 says:

Holy god, mila is so extremely hot

Uygar Isci says:

WHY?!?!?!?!? WHY!?!?!?!?!??!!

Thei than says:

looking from 0.28 seconds hi hi hi :-)

My1337Music says:

Theoretical physicists isn’t the same as scientists, so what that means, is that scientists is the one saying what is possible and whats not, for example to travel faster than light.
about the impossible thing, I got my information from Michio Kaku. I’ve read all his books, and i’m very facisinated about him, and others like Stephen Hawkings, I just spend a lot of my time watching their documentaries, and other scientists aswell.
ofcourse that doesn’t make me any smarter than anyone :)

backdoorjoker says:

@0:25 she’s grabbing that like a pussy… Ha ha! We know what she does when she’s alone :-)

blazethatfire says:

yeah Grab her and kick her ass! lol

Abhi Nash says:

There is NOTHING to grab there!

mohamada7777 says:

0:09 DO’H

Vishal George says:


playstation2bigs says:

F to the U to the double N N to the Y

inf0101 says:

Also, I don’t know where you get your information from but scientists will very rarely claim that something is impossible. Talk to any theoretical physicist and they will tell you just about anything is possible in principal. It is a matter of technological advancement for things like heavier than air flight to come around. Science is always questioning and open to new evidence. Religion is the exact opposite. Nope this is the word of god, we need not look any further as this is all there is.

inf0101 says:

Lmao what grade are you in? First of all, that doesn’t even make sense. It was proven that the human race will never go faster than 40kph. Something that is proven cannot be disproved. It is true OR it’s not. Heavier than air flight came about from science and engineering. The reason why religion is illogical is because science is constantly putting forth facts that are shown to be incompatible with it.

fatez yare denaik says:

people forget what they are!!

ScienceFindsGod says:

why does anyone care about celebrities’ day to day

Darkl0rd4life says:

>inb4 rape

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