150 Seconds of Family Guy – Season Ten out on DVD May 9

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The exclusive new Family Guy ‘Best Of’ DVD is out November 5th! Pre-order your copy now: bit.ly To celebrate the 150th episode of Family Guy in Season Ten, we’ve created ‘150 Seconds of Family Guy’ – featuring all the funniest and most outrageous moments from Family Guy, throughout the seasons! Like Family Guy UK on Facebook: on.fb.me Follow Family Guy UK on Twitter: bit.ly


Roger DaPanda says:

New Family guy scene here:
or click on the Panda

masterslickster1106 says:

Lol 2:06

nate blanton says:

your not mature are you? your most likely a preteen girl

Zachery Mercier says:

that may be the be the case. but i take pride in my stupidity. and you arguing with a stupid person. so let me the stupid person me ask you this. who is more stupid? the guy who takes pride in his stupidity, or the person who is arguing with a stupid person about made for stupid people by stupid people. witch judging on ur comment posted 1 day ago you have watched this stupid show made for stupid people.

Elyaza Abdeltam says:

As most of you know… i have lost faith in humanity,BUT, is till watch pewdiepie and cry(not tobuscus though) and i think this show is funny, not because i am retarded or stupid, because if i was, i wouldn’t have been in school,it is funny because people in real life would not reenact these actions and that you can relate to some situations in this show +plus, it is for the sake of humanity for humor to exist and survive, but some people would think otherwise, that’s why it is called a opinion.

mikesgti420 says:

@victor van Vince

First off, your grammar is atrocious, and secondly you watched it too otherwise you would not be here commenting. Jackass!

Victor Van Vince says:

No, just wonder what makes people dumb enough to watch this crap.

MrChile3456 says:

best 150 seconds of my life

IloveLokiLaufeyson says:

Pewdiepie is a duck… How did yu know?! O.O

Rodrigo Rodriguez says:


aqmalzz says:

What’s ep is on 01:33

Elyaza Abdeltam says:

you just watched the video… so doesn’t that technically make you stupid too?

10T1000 says:

1:31 the part you came to see was trolled out of you and you enjoyed the video anyway

Victor Van Vince says:

Not as much as you and other watch retarded show. Makes you MORE STUPID!!!

RojiMaRocks says:

0:55 ROFL

RojiMaRocks says:

0:11, dumboa

Milason Belanger says:

I rode into town on a ass you’re mamma ass

Zachery Mercier says:

you say stupid way more than you should and because you did not realize this that make you STUPID.

AngryBirdsFan9 says:

Family Guy should make a MLP FiM parody.

Victor Van Vince says:

God this show is stupid. Made by stupid people, for stupid people. When did stupid become the new thing. MAN YOU PEOPLE ARE STUPID AND RETARDED!

deanbeanbuddy16 says:

Bird is the word

evoprod123 says:

I pused at 1:45

Zefrina Szatan says:

oh my i love family guy!!! it’s so funny 😀 lol

詳細 宝くじ当選しました 当選金一億お譲りします says:


Kpyvinz says:


Larocks3333 says:


xXHDhackzHDXx says:

LOL 0:20

BaconandNarwhals says:


Robert Henry says:

jesus: WHAT

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