CRAZY MAGIC TRICK! Unbelievably fast magicians – Penn and Teller Fool Us

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This is an unbelievably fast magic trick on the Penn and Teller FOOL US. The magicians names are Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie ( ) quick change artists in that got through to the semi finals of britains got talent. They are also the owners of Magic Tricks website ( http )


Reinaldo Briceño says:

omg, cant believe this Im O__O !!! and Penn and Teller were like, yeah haha I do it every morning pff…

thegamerbattlefield says:

wow, i see like, every reactie does have atleast 20 likes, so i was like, lets say hey

buckie2125 says:

why do people like comments much here

Seguris says:

Too bad this show is about fooling and not about putting on a show

lurvasjonsson says:

It is a proof of a high quality act when everyone comments on the performance and no one on the very hot woman.

loredrix01 says:

very handfull when having a fast sex

Cole Pleshe says:

Let me troll this video, troll troll, and troll. Don’t forget troll. troll troll TROLL

ben dover says:

imagine clothes shopping with these two…

IHateMadeUpNames says:

Even so, it’s pretty amazing how quickly the props work.

assasinsnfs says:

People are awesome

Nahkranoth8 says:

It would be hard to chase them in a crowd.

NickisZexuhJr says:

the crack is getting to me o_o

balstann10 says:


TlwCookie says:

I watched this when I was high… Bad idea.

ComplexCA NA says:

So many Thumbs Up, that tells me i will enjoy watching this.

TheSuper14lopez says:

What’s the name of the song at the beginning in the background?

lacier23456 says:

I need to learn to change that quick… Does anyone know how to contact them? .-.

chiingchongchao says:

can any one give me some likes, self five

FreeMustacheRides97 says:

One can not simply change that fast.

Steven00742 says:

i bet they have fun in the bedroom

sgda fddaffdsa says:

she fast at getting clothes on, but what about off?

Lepre1001 says:

Quick changing is their work though .

wrwrooss1 says:

i cant believe u got over 1600 thumbs up for this comment

phillynor2 says:

his biggest dissapointment was when he got his first sneak peek of her breasts..

loganito97 says:


panhead421 says:

it would be awkward if she messed up

djwalsh101 says:


Gahiplaywow says:

Um.. can’t… comprehend? this? wt……f

MegaBillybobfred says:


SunBlurBethesda says:

Once you’ve seen one quick-change bit, you’ve kinda seen them all, huh. Still, entertaining; I Liked it.

Mateo Krešić says:

What kind of wizardry is this ???

Eglis Harakk says:

Heeheheh God Has Powers if u now what i mean 😀

Zane Russell says:

Technology! That’s how. -_-

Jory Inman says:

Uhhh I missed the magic trick cause of those funky dance moves.

Jose Hernandez says:

how the fuck do almost all people here got likes?

Nagendra Babu says:

my head goes maaaaaaaad

Just1MorePerson1 says:

WTF how?!?!

TheLoveDoc2008 says:

very clever …

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