Awesome Cheerleading Stunts

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An awesome video of some incredible stunts performed by King and Katie. The stunt, a full-up to stretch, involves Katie (the flyer) balancing upright on King’s raised hand. Set to “The Suffering” by Coheed and Cambria.


rossfranetta says:

Wow I don’t care wat dislikers think those were the best stunts I ever seen

ashl3yfierce says:

Thats unreal

SierraxxxSabertooth says:

A girl on my squad can do the twist up, cradle down, back tuck up, needle one (:

xxcrims0n says:

shut the fuck up man. you don’t even know how hard cheerleading is. once you can do what these two can then you can talk all the shit you want.

chayala4Life says:

One day i wanna be this good

Katy Bb says:

Hes strong.. and Awesome stunts

Marjuri Rodriguez says:


megan stickle says:

she is awesome i’m a cheerleading and omg we do hard stunts but that is awesome!!!!

Christel Mera says:

well, well, well. 240p, we meet again.

Sofia C. says:

I’ve flown in some of these and my bars let me fall a whole lot. ;(

YellowRhinoWombat says:


Alia Ventura says:

i’ve watched this a million times, never fails to amuse me. I wish I can do that in college.

cupcakealy00 says:

That is really cool!!!!!!!!!

momande bawari says:


Nicole Rymer says:

you are really good and locked out!! thats how an elite cheerleader should be!!!!

Myles Lenaught says:

Oh mah goodness my friend’s in cheer and she likes Coheed. She’ll lose her shit if she sees this.

naRutoxxxhiNata303 says:

Spread your ignorance elsewhere.

bmal1974 says:

How old she???…im 8

rossfranetta says:

Best stunts ever! my favorite video in the world:)

geethatsawkward says:


yummybluespidermans says:

@missymisspriss Awe well, I was in cheerleadibg with my sis for 1.5 years. I have the right to hate cheerleading.

missymissprissy says:

And btw once u can lift a person above your head with one head let me know bc i would looovvveee to see you try

missymissprissy says:

All you need for bball is good aim and all u need for soccer is feet so back off

yummybluespidermans says:

Pathetic. All you need to be a cheerleader is mediocre strength/balance and basic gymnastics training.

And people consider this a sport???

Watching paint dry will be an Olympic sport before cheerleading

SadiePlaysWarcraftxx says:

wow 😮 thats amazing

soel3ctric says:

These are some amazing stunts!

Mark Wolford says:

plain and simple Just amazing

emiliafec says:

Wow shes amazing

kelli sherman says:

omg awesome

Cerita Spady says:

That’s amazing ^.^

Autumn Silva says:

wow!! those are really cool:)

megawesomegirl2 says:

@ Hayley Stuart-Smith

Doesn’t cheer leading use every muscle in the bodu

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