‘Twilight’ Parody – By “The Hillywood Show”

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SUBSCRIBE! Sink your teeth into this ‘Twilight’ Parody – Brought to you by “The Hillywood Show” and the Creators of “The Hillywood Show” (Hilly & Hannah Hindi). Appearances from actors such as, (Robert Pattinson look-a-like), (Taylor Lautner look-a-like), (Jackson Rathbone look-a-like)…


Fantage Selenagomezltp says:

Alice looks better now.

Annie Jenks says:

soo when are you guys going to freaking make a breaking dawn part 2 parody. Please soon because i am dying to see it

beautifulcharra says:

amazing you guys are good!

Miya Lorentz says:

you guys did sooo good on the baseball scene it was my favorite part!

irishpegasis says:

I LOVE the twilight series go watch it its realy good better than this team edward

emilly millenna says:


brandoncard0naa says:

The parody is so like the real movie but with a musical in the parody movie

TwilightEpisodes01 says:

please watch my twilight series!xx

jenifer sanchez says:

muyyyyyyyyy lindo jijijijijijijijijijijijijijij

丹阳 陈 says:

very interesting!i like it!

miacalderon91 says:


Britney Lawrence says:

edward can’t read her mind

fashionfreak56 says:

No they’re not. The are played by sisters; Hilly and Hannah Hindi

maddie4ever111 says:

Nope,im watching this in 1500 BC on my iRock

rlr8rocks says:

Uhh… Did he just read my mind 0:)
Lol Luv it ! They should have made twilight like this! Im not a hater I LOVE TWILIGHT!

2659heather says:

i think this was better than the real movie

2659heather says:

3.21 lmfao

2659heather says:

alice and bella r played by the same person

Mihaela6476 says:

No,she is beautiful!

Mihaela6476 says:

He looks better!

Raelynn Mitchel says:


Pamela Echegoyen says:

Hahahaha awsomee xD

Adaa Skardhamar says:

Edward don’t look like the real Edward ;))
But Bella in this is really pretty! 😀

EasyRoLLerGames says:

I’d rather say she’s fuckin ugly and bella is gorgeous

Mihaela6476 says:

So what?I like her!

Mihaela6476 says:

Why?They are so funny & interesting!

SoRandomAG says:

Edward has the John Wayne walk down pat 😛

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