Kitten Surprise! (How to Break Up a Cat Fight!) THE ORIGINAL!

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Tweet this video! Become a fan on Facebook! *Relax – the kitten did not drink cow’s milk – he drank KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) *No, the kitten was not sick or poisoned nor was this planned, he just drank too much milk. *Yes, I know they are not really fighting, it’s just a witty title. The kittens have been shown on: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, DJ and the Fro, Spike Tv, and more to come!


kinectsportstoday2 says:

He he he he bluuuuueuw

TheMisterYang says:

Of course he barely misses the newspaper.

zazzy7 says:

I love how the 2 kittens play fighting sit and look at the other like “Dude….what the fu—“

Battlzoff11 says:

Aww.. One of my kittens died yesterday.. ISoSad :(

Kat michel says:

thats my reaction to ollie skyes

babyboosabz says:

They’re like ‘da fuq?’

DrowzeeRampage says:


MW3Chyba says:


MW3insanity says:

ahahah theyre like….ewwwwwwwww

Caralonette says:

You’re kind of…stupid.

Joey Bob says:

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mellove5 says:


aprilthekitten says:

dammit the original comment no longer exists

brooklynu2be says:

LOL idk no why this is funny 2 me, maybe cuz i jus woke up

Coove83 says:

?????? When is the funny part????

Clauxi12fly says:


08posdom says:

First video I watched on youtube all those years ago, still in my favourites :)

Kaikumach says:

I know how to break up a barfight now.

shinigamiasuka says:

What the hell? ROFL!!

Robbie Bertram says:

I absolutley love how the cat waits until his head’s past the newspaper!

Muffin Justice says:

So that’s how you make yogurt

ExileKhaan says:

Hahahaa, looool Best Video ever.

chrifus31037 says:

One of the BEST videos on YouTube !!!

dragon dennis says:

0:36 cat vomit

educationalnut says:


KittybeastWhiskers says:

Pukey kitten: *walks up* Hi gu– HANBRBFJNJDNIR

iramdark says:

and you are idiot XD

educationalnut says:

Cats are crazy

adrian fernandez says:


adrian fernandez says:

haha fuck you

PsychoBackflip says:

Haha, go fuck yourself

TheSharingan123 says:

WoW dude the First word on your name Fits you well. PsychoGFY is a better name for you lol

HetaliaAwesome15 says:

Cute and all but sucks to clean up that

MsBiancaDeGuzman says:

awwwwww so cute he just starts gagging

Shitmand1 says:

How the fuck can this shit get 30.643.505?????

PsychoBackflip says:

go fuck yourself

invaderzim510 says:

gfy = gargoyles fuck yogurt

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