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WEBSITE: FACEBOOK TWITTER: BACKUP CHANNEL: The fail compilation of October 2012 is ready. 15 whole minutes of fails, faceplants, accidents and crashes. This is the longest fail compilation ever!! This video wouldn’t be possible with the uploaders who filmed their own friends or complete strangers doing ridiculous and stupid stunts and posting it to youtube afterwards. A big thank you from everyone who loves fail compilations. Please note that no one was seriously injured. Feel free to subscribe, more videos are on the way!! If your video was in this compilation please contact me and I’ll add you to the credits. Credits: @1:15 @2:04 @5:40 @6:33 @7:21 @8:03 @8:12 @10:30 @12:40 @14:05 @14:10


mhajni9 says:

”are you okay?”
”im feeling hungry”

DMTfan says:

12:34 – the fuck the motherfucking goat guy :)) that was the biggest fail in that video not where he breaks his tailbone on ice :))

DMTfan says:

Allllaaaaahhh akhabaaaaar!!

Mitchell Nye says:

7:31 *

Mitchell Nye says:

i think he died at 7:21

Julie-Anna Homeyer says:

He didn’t die! His name is Richard Henriksen and he was base jumping. Nearly hit his head, but things ended out just fine.

Julie-Anna Homeyer says:

Nope. His name is Richard Henriksen and he was doing a base jumping stunt. Nearly hit his head, but he was able to get away just fine. :)

RalphyPlague says:

lololol. “there’s no hope for humanity!” just take a moment and suck in the stupidity of that clip and how relevant his words were.

VothxxMerado says:

10:50 The cat XD

mzmadmike says:


Reed Burress says:

6:22 Did i just watch someone die????

asfyifgyuiuyd says:

poor guy that fell of the mountian , and if you like this comment a justin beiber fan dies!

NellsMuzik says:

12:58 What you get if you fuse gareth bale and luis suarez together LOL

snakeyes1102 says:

What are they running through in thr beginning the orange stuff

spiral92 says:

Add boobs to your thumbnail and you’ll get more views

big bear says:

Too many bike and skateboarding idiots.

polonation doh says:

Oh shit that was funny as hell

TheEinosten99 says:

06:16 was from a mountain up in norway and that was actually and accident he coulda died if he didnt have like a safety rope on him.

jackbao69 says:

“are you okay?”
“i’m dying”

david12159 says:

11:53, bye bye

david12159 says:

11:53, bye bye

Thomas Pulami says:


Aldroid151 says:

12:58 what is this sport called?

EntertainmentWW says:

Awesome video! We just launched, if you have time, check out our video celebrating the best fails of 2012!

Henry CHeung says:

There is really no hope for humanity. LOL

theElectr0ne says:

What dog?

Salamaninja says:


sportyster says:

Richard Henriksen, the base jumper at 6:18 was able to deploy is chute, he survived the fall. More concerned about the little dog at 13:56, dogs are smarter than humans, he didn’t ask to go for that ride

giannis lekakis says:

0.24 e malaka

blowupfatbloke says:

i like to get two knuckles deep in my own ass then scream for santa

foxman4455 says:

where was the first one filmed in?

Darkfireball45 says:

11:59 smart enough to make it into Harvard but doesn’t have enough common sense to know that would happen…

slimousek11 says:

i já :D

Alpha1One188 says:

01:40 lol he doesnt care that he just broke a light he just looks at the sword like “whoa”

joserubio6321 says:

1:23 I suck

Leitesha Pentelow says:

Looks sore, but really entertaining!!!!! :)

Ocelot reid says:

go home russia your drunk!

1001History says:

What was actually happening at 0:31? What was he running through?

Giuliana Burastero says:

6:05 Jajajajajajajajajaajja LOL

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