Posterior Capsule Rupture

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Using Ozil phacoemulsification with following parameters: 360mm Vacuum, 36mm Aspiration. Anterior Chamber collapse with rupture of posterior capsule. Repetitive use of Viscoat to keep chamber deep.


aidanbard says:

i was watching monty python.

Ridwan Andalib says:

looks like 1

SpookyHTX says:

How in the hell I get here from Pink Floyd

LukaRobyn says:

am I the only one who is here for medical research ?

csh143 says:

They’re removing cataracts.. lol

kalamed12998 says:

Um is that an eye?

starraptor9 says:

are those bugs

Alduts Sherdley says:


veggieaqua says:

but wats the purpose of this ?

TNTkitten says:

So… what’s going on and why are they doing that?

kasahstanboyrussia says:

what the hell is that ?!!!!

MrDrago Nuv says:

what is that!?

sweatheart177 says:

Umm why?

Victoria Wells says:

i got here from watching baby moving inside a belly

xmenfan07 says:

oh my god i can’t watch

thawkddeji says:


MrAlexa1123 says:

That looks painful

emilymatt10love says:


Sybrew says:

This video gave me cancer.

lelechalmers says:

Ewww. Nasty

starjazzy517 says:

I can’t even watch it D=

Jason Ni says:

Moving an damn eye around

LanceKingin says:

wow eye operation

Magickung10 says:

Explain to me what happened ?

Magickung10 says:

What the hell are you doing ? –a

pelataax11 says:

wtf i just watch o_O!?!?!??!!?+

zombieshit3085 says:

what the hell is that!?!

rukenistbisschencool says:

what the fuck is this shit?!

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