Fail Compilation of the Month November 2012

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fatsweeps says:

such a great video,

If you have a spare couple minutes please watch “cute kids do films-titanic” on my channel fatsweeps so funny, let me know what you think hope you like it :)

theartofwar17 says:

0:34 kid knows whats good btw

theartofwar17 says:

3:11 dude passin the semi def ultimate win

pasirintaniemi66 says:


Artem Clemen says:

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carloscrvm says:

carloscrvm 1 second ago
Everything for a PEPSI 1:52 good commercial

Haley Poage says:

5:26 Uhm… Excuse me… I think someone blew it up in the bathroom.. O.o

Shane George says:

2:17. That’s a fail!!! Best clip

lsmason123 says:

at 2:44

lsmason123 says:

lolz trampaleen from texas where i live

iTrolledGod says:


djrjlim says:

2:15 “Uhh uhh” *points finger

Pallonda says:

0:03 the way he says “ow” xD.

isaac rayas lopez says:

En el segundo 33 jajaja xD

TheSexybeastish says:

7:20 – “Again man” – No, I don’t think so buddy.

RoBCiKs LV says:

At the end ”Maybe we put too much” You don´t say! (facepalm)

SooBeautyFull says:

Laughed so much, hahaha! But seriously, WHY do people do these things???? You’re going to get hurt, silly!!

JezzaN1 says:


Davir12airsoft says:

I love seeing these fags on scooters in skateparks eat shit. XD

black25330 says:

0:04 cry like a girl


Holy shit 3:47 looks identical to ma cousin even the voice

gracerobers12 says:

lol the 1st one is the best omg

Gothic Vampirate says:

How the hell do you blow shit up literatly. Now i want to try.


4:49 omfg, xD

FradisAlexPro says:

Last one straight out of a movie!

TShadow1999 says:

0:05 ahh fuck fuck ahhhhh did you see that? xD

FradisAlexPro says:


Magsombol Angelo says:

1st part is so FUNNY!! 😀 hahAHAHAHAHAHA

ChecoBeat says:

Zildjian 😀

kieu dang says:

0:45 that dude is pretty cute

Victor Fernandez says:

1:06 i did not see that going any other way

MrZezlma says:

GO back and watch it again…only this time notice the little black kid and his reaction lmao

Avery Christy says:

Being stupid, won’t be as fun when you’re living in a van down by the river. {throws himself onto the coffee table and smashes}

TheWestDon says:

3:08 thats a major win!

hishers7980 says:

i don’t see nothing wrong with that girls figure passing out candy … if that’s fat then i guess i look 5000 pounds

CoDBeasting123 says:

0:30 I cried from laughing to much!!!

PwnageGaming101 says:

5:25 Thats some… *takes off shades* explosive shit. *puts shades back on*

danwill91 says:

Macbook Pro Giveaway On My Channel! :)

raulrocks13 says:

The first one was funny as hell

shkelqimtrolli says:

Its noo so funny:|

yummypie708 says:

its funny because people don’t know how gravity and inertia work

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