Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

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Music video by Eminem performing Love The Way You Lie. © 2010 Aftermath Records #VEVOCertified on September 13, 2011. www.vevo.com www.youtube.com


louisetinapeas says:

omg its charlie from lost

Lallian Zo says:

let me tell u y….cause she’s not worth to even lay her egoistic eyes on EMINEM let alone a feat. song, she is a materialistic shameless creature all her songs reeks of lust and sex i wanna puke. she should just go to her red light home.

Seher Yılmaz says:

çok güzel bir şarkı

Slobodan Skrbic says:


LL'Lena Kline says:

i love this song!!!!!!!

Lộc eBi says:

Eminem too

SkyrimUnarmedBadass says:

Megan fox looks like Megan fox ;OOOO

Slobodan Skrbic says:


atishkhanoom says:

I love it!

Pahul Singh says:

eminems old song where better but he’s still sick!!!

Chuck Norris says:

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Luckymydog94 says:

yeah I can see how cute you are but all that chicks can’t be compared to Eminem….

daniele pomponi says:

Sei consapevole che le 493452097 visualizzazioni, minimo la metà sono per Megan Fox ?

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qProdigyp says:

i know right, and the white guy rapping looks kinda like eminem

MrWal97eed says:

all of them are old dude -,-”

MrFreddoz says:

Wait you are fucking joking….right? RIGHT? I don’t even think Jusin Bieber writes his own lyrics, he can’t even hit puberty. And what is the meaning of the song baby?

Changfriedrice says:

0:45 I wouldn’t mind if she spat on me…

VUKCAR22 says:

haha kakav si ti mentol 😀

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M1dgetSh1t says:

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Tushar Goyal says:

My sister was listening to justin bieber on her iPod. My dad heard it and he threw her ipod and told her to listen to some real music.

T0T4LG4MER5 says:

ive seen this on 5 different eninem videos you aren’t even an entertaining troll, please kill yourself whiles i post this comment on all the other videos your trolling on

MissGlitter93 says:

the best music video ever!

Samantha John says:

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zlym cie says:

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AdamArtz says:

Michael Jagmin should have been featured, and not Rihanna.

brando marlon says:

maybe because it is Megan fox

Chuck Norris says:

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lada sophaphinant says:


Diva Andrea Nyhus says:

This song is just soo damn sexy!!!

jesvin palatty says:

good and the mindblowing vdo

midoasfarba says:

Hamada hada

midoasfarba says:

Il love rap marocain walakinn khass’na 7did dyall merican

Balanar6236 says:

Dominic Monaghan from LotR, ofc the song rules

amspars8 says:

just above the E theres a tamil letter

TheAicuni says:

Eminem.. The Best sinnger in the World…ever and 4ever..! ♥

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