OREO Separator Machine #1 – Creator: Physicist David Neevel

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OREO Separator Machine1 Creator Physicist David Neevel. Uploaded by Oreo on Feb 26 2013. It’s a basic human desire to separate an OREO cookie Humans love either cookie or creme And sometimes a man just needs to invent a machine to do the hard work of separating the two Today that man is physicist and cookiepart preferrer David Neevel Watch him operate the machine he created that separates OREO cookies.


Nicole Werst says:

Omg you wasted all your skills and time on that? Frick’n lame

Spencer Theiling says:

now all you need to figure out is how to keep this machine clean XD

Melinda Tran says:

Scrape it off with a knife???

Jeffrey Travis says:

Now, do you see what happens to physicists when you shut down the space program?

Mark Shane Hansen says:

Why not just buy creamless cookies??

Wikingking says:

The first arm seems to be completely pointless, it just places the OREO onto another platform. So he could have put them there right away

360Prairie says:

I believe you should refine your machine so that a less destructive method of cream removal is achieved. You could then save the cream and send it to me in batches.

fede7chicco89 says:


Joe Chance says:

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nobodies13 says:

..or you can hire me, I can licked out all the cream for you~~(and it’s only the oreo of course)

Patrick Sandoval says:

What a freak a freakin genius

BlanketCandy54 says:

I ended up here from a frank ocean song

Eatallthepotatoes says:

or you could use a butter knife an scrape it off.

Kelvin Bun says:

now i can die in peace….

AllenHerald says:

Whats the intro song?

Parker Miller says:

this guy is hilarious and brilliant

waterwsxzaq says:

1: One less world crisis solved 2: I live in Portland Oregon!

waterwsxzaq says:

1: One less world crisis solved 2: I liv

Tyrell Hylton says:

Wow.This needs to come with every bag of oreos.

myanything1O1 says:

even though i love the cream on an Oreo cookie, this machine is still BADASS

mxtrem3 says:

Some people just want to watch the world burn…

Oliver Lazarov says:

Why not simply take it to separate by hand or with a knife??? lol

screwface1011 says:

this is seriously a first world problem.

ghostmachine says:

anamanaguchi “meow”

Nicholas Perez says:

What’s the 8-bit song that plays in the beginning? I must know!!! it’s so good!!!

ABO27ODY says:

والله من السماجه والفضاوه

TaraLynnMeikle says:

This man’s a genius. He should get a Nobel Prize. lol.

Emma Smith says:

lmao this guy is hilarious!

Cory Morrow says:


Kyle Harmieson says:

I don’t think you know what racist means.

DashBroncos says:

I like breaking the Oreo apart, then eat it. With/without the cream.

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