White Girl Gettin Live Killin It At University College

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White girl gettin it in at PVAMU!


Zhenovah Manazza says:

Lol this isn’t fair I’m black and THIS GIRL ISN’T WHITE SHE’S MIXED sooo sorry my American lady’s :) smh

Richard Battle says:

I want to say that she really did kill it….but she didn’t.

FreeBlago1 says:

Watch the nigger on upper right at :27 grabbing his monkey crotch.

kishimajp101 says:

what school was this lol

Mz. Sassy says:

what song is diss

keneshia03 says:


Cai Hendrix says:

She’s actually Hispanic :) but she did so good!

rosarae26 says:

n she got more courage than i do i cudnt do dat in front of ppl :)

rosarae26 says:

she killed n yall need to chill wiit dem races comments yo like foe real im black with a white cousin n she can dance to so yall needa foreal cut it out

TheKitaleigh says:


tommy2chips says:

She was great!!!

TeleViper30 says:

Rep Texas!!!

rosarae26 says:

she killed it im hatin no lie

asia jones says:

Go go go go go gurl

melvontae merriweather says:

White ghoul kilt it ayeyyy

PiscesanthaGoddess says:

She is not white……She is clear…..(If anyone watch Space Jam you understand what I am saying)

alicia berger says:

am black and white and i think she killed it you racest people are going to hell

stacey mei says:

white girl got moves

gail t says:

or the free clinic……I know…I’m going straight to hell. I’ll be sure to look for you there….God Bless

Or the free-clinic…..I know, I’m going straight to hell- I’ll be sure to look for you there. God bless:).

Biglover29 says:

Looks like they had a great time. :-)

roger robinson says:

She needs her ass whupped!

Christy Morgan says:

are you kidding me—y in heaven’s name is it always about race? this is about clean fun—clean fun—-give it a rest will ya—let the kids enjoy themselves

franklinroosevelt79 says:

That was latino you know latin people have skillz

Kourtney Dixon says:

She’s too cute, lol. GO GIRL!

macgeekforever2011 says:

glad I dont go to that college. too bro for me

leemonica34233 says:


Prettydiva00 says:

Tht girl got skill

Lavanah Mckinney says:

Eeeeeeeeeeeee She killed… !

alysa allemand says:

she doing her thing and aint worrying bout anyone go head girl

alysa allemand says:

wat does tht have to do with the video

alysa allemand says:

dude shut up


lol the kid is probably still in highschool

scassidy30032 says:

Killin it

salvadorrjoanenbt says:

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louiskjacquih says:

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MagicLips4U6140 says:

I like being freaky and sexual and need to play.

dazedconfuzed6 says:

i agree, there are alot of blacks at my school (about 30-40%), but who cares ?blacks need an education too as much as us whites. our country is in a rut we need as many educated people as we can get to make informed decisions. blacks bring something different to the table, they add color and difference literally and metaphorically. judging by those girls who wouldnt want thaT? us white guys sometimes get sick of the generic fake ass white girls and need some spice

nawtyButNice5474 says:

Hey good looking. I’m feeling alone and would like sex.

pimpsahan55 says:

lol she isnt “white” she mixed!!!!

MidwestVlogger says:

White chick? That was a light skinned black chick.

yashiramarrero21 says:

It’s so funny to me that on that whole paragraph that I wrote you couldn’t say not one good thing about what I wrote. You took only 2 word and turned it into a negativism and those are my views about people but you know what the only people that I see as the real Americans are the one’s that were here in this country first not the people that came from England and killed them off. and if you take or took history in school you know what I am talking about.

cursedbat says:

Now you know your name is “dumb young son” bro dont front.

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