Fast Lane – The Slide

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The slide — driven by fun. A long staircase. Next to it a slide. Which way would you go? Check out the Fast Lane and the new Pol…


cordell moser says:

They need this to chair up people’s days

andjacks1983 says:

Solid buzzin fun

Ali Raza says:

In USA people wouldn’t fit in the slide.

Ty Trinh says:

So cool

JohnnaBelleXoXo says:

This is so cool

batmanpedo says:

0:48 the new troll face of 2013 XD

suzpel1 says:

sadly very true, we need more fun!!

artifach says:

this goes well with the piano stairs 😀

Legilimentable says:

Hmmm… they could make this a standard for all subway stations 😀

Achterbahnsuchtie says:

könnt ihr ruhig mal bei uns aufbauen!

Joshua Tonga says:


SonOfFire1 says:

As a 25 year old man… Given that option, I’d totally take the slide. 😀

Mikayla Rodriguez says:

They should put those everywhere

OneSwedishBelieber says:

Make this in my school? and one that goes upstairs too 😀

GS Kines says:

Now make one go upstairs

LeRoiWilson says:

And please…

Don’t try standing…

indyur1 says:

why does everyone spell the word “lose” wrong?

Rockmybedd says:

u cant bomb this!!

soulplicity says:


soulplicity says:


Ontime891 says:

LoL Especially in New York.

Notuploadinganything says:

Such a simple but great idea.. No need for electricity :)

betrumka says:

This could never be filmed on the USA. You’d have dozens of personal injury lawyers at the bottom of the slide handing out business cards.

kwinsdu93 says:

Vive la france

GeschmaxxVerstaerker says:

yeah BERLIN !! <3

fatsweeps says:

that is crazy.

If you have time please check out my channel fatsweeps, and snake attacks baby (others if you like) I hope you enjoy the videos let me know what you think :)

manuel solorza says:

come here, to Mexico.
and change the life style!

Алексей Вахтин says:

С большим чемоданом, наверно, интереснее с такой спускаться )))

matthew608b says:

Most slides are in parks and used by children and have been pissed on. They are still fun

carlosposada3030 says:

That was awesome!

MeekoMommy says:

THIS is the human element that I so love to see. Kudos Volkswagen!!

dolgoon1126 says:

Nice Peter???

powertolight says:


Keytaster says:

That is sooo gorgeous!!! It confirms my belief in the motto for my life again: Don’t you ever loose your inner child!!!!

Kristian Kongstad holm says:

Mangler lidt branding men ideen er god

Lili Azul says:

!!!!! please come here to Colombia !!!! We need the FAST LINE 😉

dushuzaigo says:

haha, so that they can post the pictures on facebook and say”I saw lots of idiots here!”

HamzaVids says:

it says Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you (I have no idea why though) lol

Mohammad firdaus says:

Can you make one on Sinapore

Mirabel Moshavi says:

omg i want to try this too but im in hungary 😀

GlitterBug4489 says:

i want one!

InvaderWakkoReborn says:

You’re never too old to enjoy going down a slide.

CornholioMagnificent says:

I guess something like:”AWESOOOOOOMEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

vivian yeo says:

The kids could ride and adult

BlackShadow769 says:

That businessman :DDD 

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