Will It Blend? – Magnets

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What happens when you put magnets in a Blendtec blender? Will it reverse the earth’s polarity? Will it create a black hole? Will It Blend? We just couldn’t l…


newtonktroll says:

Holy crap

Jordan Berg says:

tom i am a new subscriber and you should try blending battery

racer1191 says:

be polite,its a penis.

Rayquaza895 says:


Ariel C. says:

Try to Blend a toy Light Saber!

megatimtim says:

they weren’t real diamonds

dognolifer says:

he has done that one

mugurkauls2 says:

Thinking putty

DiGreatDestroyer says:

Blend a blender

ghostmail112 says:

blend a dildo

BVAlDA88 says:

Will it blend?
nvidia gtx 690….

ErlendYo91 says:

Holy shit is this blender really this strong?

matthew16275 says:

thats been done XD

s27945 says:


bananatheanoying says:

funny how the blendr container never brakes

hiphopguy9 says:

It is already made.Check the channel

annaTHEmermaid says:

Try to blend a blender

Hank Hill says:

648 people tried this at home.

ivan Lamesic says:

try to blend a brick

BeautifulLuke234 says:


joelsteal56 says:

blend a Nokia

Andre Fetcher says:

This should be done with tha lights off so we can see tha sparks

Gentlemen Mew says:

like your mom (i say!)

Techmex23 says:


Cloudsandcats says:

Will it blend blendtec blender

jmoore955 says:

Tom is the perfect example why they keep Blendtec blender away from everything else in a store.

Deckinickinic says:

I was waiting for it to explode…

Bella AndLauren says:

0:18 to skip intro

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