A-26 Invader Air Show Carpet Bomb

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Visit my new blog at http://airshowvideos.blogspot.com/ for air show videos and general news about aviation, rock and roll, and San Antonio. Very intense sim…


Jake Woodruff says:

Stupid shit there C4s planted on the ground to look like its dropping bombs because at one point 6 explosions go off at the same time FAKE

Mark John Solamillo says:

pahinge ng laman. lol

Ong Chi Hang says:

I actually expected that before the video started playing. Maybe my expectations are too high lol.

Anonymous81111 says:

Oh, sorry for misunderstanding your comment ,then.

Alfredo Rafael Habersham Pabon says:

Unnecessary pollution :( Impressive, nonetheless but quite unnecessary pollution :(

immaboss95 says:

The US sucks, this is the main cause of global warming and… Oh yeah why are we spending all our tax payers money on this shit

SK11LS says:

Because as i said they have better airshows

Anonymous81111 says:

What’s the **** off for then?

Bill G says:


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asertziokp says:

they do it all the time in other countrys infact they actually drop them ON civilians there

GrupoGolan says:


aussie bloke says:

I near fell off my chair when I read your description claiming that I probably produce thi much pollution driving to work.
Fuck me bro. You can’t believe that. Surely your bullshitometer registered pretty hihly when you were typing that fucking doozy up.
As much pollution? Look at that shit 0:18

Ronald Janesh says:

……USASA all the way ? FTA

Lokuulio says:

*slow clap*
Spoken like a true dumbass.

Lokuulio says:

*slow clap*
Spoken like a true dumbass.

GegenLoeschen says:

And the United States is a shame for mankind!

Lokuulio says:

Calm down there Josef Stalin. No need to have a stroke on us, okay?

You are a disgrace to the German people and to Germany herself.

Lokuulio says:

I would!

QsOSiRiS says:


FuzzyFTW says:

think again

GegenLoeschen says:

Fuck the USA!

faustini69 says:

Thats a nice set diesel barrels blowing up. shame its not a real carpet bomb

xtuner88 says:

I saw a medium finger at 0:14

iFunkeh says:

It was all me bro.

theawesomepwn says:

Wow, congratulations, you can read. It says it’s a simulation in the description.

FoxGTR32 says:

no we thank you for showing this i hope more coming

SpeedDemonLR says:

Thanks for the 3 million views everyone!!!

SpeedDemonLR says:

It’s all about entertainment. It doesn’t matter of it’s “fake”. Video games and CG scenes in movies are “fake” but that doesn’t make them any less exciting or fun to play/watch. Plus if it was “real”, it would be extremely dangerous and much more costly.

SpeedDemonLR says:

Yup, sounds about right and good observation, I would have never guessed it was a Cessna.

SpeedDemonLR says:

Of course, they aren’t going to drop real bombs right in front of civilians.

SK11LS says:

I think you miss understood my comment what im saying is that the airshows look better in america than the uk WICH IM FROM, THE UK NOT USA

Anonymous81111 says:

Once again, another arrogant american……

ytkingnik says:

Мудилы только зря атмосферу загрезняете!

RevelationStudiosHD says:

Wow i didnt realize that bombs falling from 200 feet take 20 seconds to impact 😀 cuz you know fuck physics

SK11LS says:

fuck off America ALWAYS has better airshows even if it aint real bombs

Shockate says:

fake and gay !

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