Zombieland – Official Trailer [HD]

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Title: Zombieland Release Date: 2 October 2009 Genre: Comedy | Horror Cast: Bill Murray, Abigail Breslin, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone Director: Ruben Fleisch…


groovesan says:

I always wondered, why the every goddamn left4dead player named Tallahassee..
untill I saw the movie

Sean Harley Dizon says:

I learned that from Mighty Car Mods.

Sean Harley Dizon says:

Modern ones do.

TheFilebookChannel says:

watch on filebook guys

Bill Murray says:

This movie is awesome!!!!!!!

XDOverlordXD1 says:

1:47 = black ops 2 zombies

Yassen001 says:

Lol for some reason I can’t get over the way the narrator says “Zombieland” 0:36 XD

Kya Pitcaithly says:

brilliant movie, so funny!

MrCulmsee says:

How do you know?

ghjh56 says:

Zombies don’t run :-(

CatsRock249 says:

too bad this isn’t directed by quentin tarantino

thebabyfartingunicor says:

Rule number 1: Learn how to play black ops 2 zombies before the zombies attack…

wjustania says:

Good and funny movie

Noah Smith says:

Wrong movie, Haymitch

310266762 says:

the trailer doesnt do the movie justice



TheTomatenLP says:


Chloe Rowe says:

best movie ever

David Williams says:

how many of you thought woody harleson was going to die at the end in that booth?

Manav Kaushal says:

mark zuckerberg survived the zombie apocalypse!

surinder singh says:

is very good movie

SummerKinzGirl426 says:

It looks like a good movie and I kind of saw but not the whole thing!! ;)

David Kneeream says:

Watch the promotional trailer for my indie horror flick “86 Zombies”, currently in development.

Joshua Papritz says:

End of trailer guy epically running from zombies with explosion in background.

ozkarRock says:

the best film zombies and funny jejejejeje

dellfearn says:

I loved it it funny.

TheMazain123 says:

i dont think its horror its funny

nguyenthikimnga123 says:

It’s freakin helarious

DBZ33Q says:

Shaun of the dead IS BETTER

Kanaya Sudiro says:

Run zombies

Explodingzombie64 says:

cool :)

mac7892 says:

shit movie

jhun419 says:

i like zombie movies if thats real and you dont die and cant infected hou know thats cool and theres a hot chick

abxtpml56 says:

i love it :)

haiqal huda says:

where i can get full movie?

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