Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs

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Gordon Ramsay, one of the world’s most celebrated chefs, invites you to learn his tricks with Cook with Me, the wild-mannered chef’s new app, presented exclu…


toolofbordem says:


bolastube says:

i tried it…. my tomatoes exploded mushrooms were raw and eggs were more like a foam >.> i hate myself

Christian Johnson says:

you don’t got shit on my microwave eggs!

WombatMuffler says:

those eggs are WAY too runny for my taste.

lordkorner says:

this beats danispies video hands down, but then I cant stand American cooks or their recipes.

anonymouse0spam says:

Cook toast? *facepalm*

Aaron Reed says:

‘One of the world’s most celebrated chefs’ He can’t even cook toast ffs!

ListerStorm I says:

yea too advanced for me lmao

Zayashuku says:

Oh lord I would never eat those. Those look like mash potatoes… Not too appetizing for me. But if Ramsay says it’s perfect I guess it is ._.

joselotl says:

mmm but then washing that pan will be really hard

thescaryman says:


Cody Culbertson says:

for all you out there who say you have no cooking skills: even ramsay burns his toast sometimes

PaganP666 says:


CookingWithScience says:

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quad1000 says:

howz about a hatchet for your portion of butter??? lol

DILLIGAF785643 says:

You’re a fucking idiot! Enjoy your english mcmuffin cunt

Sky Dayer says:

Yeah who do I listen to? A world class chef or some anonymous commenter on YouTube? Such a hard choice….

guitarFAIL says:

I wonder how much this guy has to learn with HowToBasic

cherrypops12 says:

when hes not in his resteraunt hes actually a pretty nice guy i get why hes got to be mean at his resteraunt though.. his cooks are usually stupid lol

Alan Heath says:

Brilliant – how much one can learn from the internet!

CappasLounge says:

Those eggs look like Gerber baby food.

Irockmarkdowns says:

This looks like shit.

James Ussupi says:

I loved this video because it showed a different side of Ramsay that I had never seen before.

Teresa Lo says:

i dont like the look that scramble egg, im sorry but that kinda reminds me of puke 😛 i like mine more solid than that

5tonedFlaming0 says:

Looks like mashed potatos

Jamie Craig says:

It’s true 😉

KantoeLegit says:

If you keep it on the heat they cook too fast. You probably don’t even know where your ketchup is in your fridge.

Kamelg says:

You have no idea how hard I laughed from your comment xD

MisterN617 says:

It prevents them from overcooking. Not sure how that’s nothing.

EJ TJ says:

WOW. he’s really fast at his work!

JAPLOVERkiara says:

says the guy who calls Gorden Ramsay a failure

FlintF says:

It’s Masterchef, not Masterbait! (I still don’t know how Gordon intended that to be written …)

FlintF says:

It’s pink in the middle … the meat.

PlatBluedream says:

And how much do you make smart ass?

Jamie Craig says:

Ramsay’s face looks like a stunt man’s knee.

JAPLOVERkiara says:

=…= he still earns millions more than you do =…=

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