Will Smith and family – The One Show – BBC One

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More about this programme: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00t5ghn Matt Allwright and Louise Minchin are joined by Will Smith and family. Will, Jaden, Willo…


rektulon says:

will is the best

Chloë Sibley says:

Will Smith…what a DILF

pmest says:

Ahahaha LMFAO

EllieonTellie says:

I bet 😛

Will Smith says:

I’m feeling “jiggy” with that :)

Will Smith says:

Trust me :) The face you see on this account will look the same in 40 years from now.

arinze ngonadi says:

no this is a fantastic family hint hint

EllieonTellie says:

Hahahaha never change :P

Alice H says:


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carlitosjr769 says:

Will smith song’s r better

jezza fuf says:

lol so true, he can act, rap, be cool, bust a few moves, produce and be the most awesome role model.

Fara Justin says:

So glad the couple is together still! i say this because i always will hear about these celebrities couples breaking, so glad to see some genuine

MyJamesMusic says:

1:56 Arm Pit

awsomeboy000 says:

“so who do u like most” ” um I think like my mom most “

Demetric Flemings says:

Best actor!

MonstersEatMeat says:

will smith looks like my neighbours dog

kristofer sigmarsson says:

hi =) Brofist to you

Meadzac says:

will smith makes my heart melt

Ella Brown says:

i love wills laugh so much

tammitheeable says:

Awesome Awesome Family!! I admire what they are doing with their children

AnimalCrossingLady says:


greg102715 says:

Will smith is AWESOME

Will Smith says:

Well thank you! Appreicate the compliment 😀

modounyang97 says:

03:07 Will Smith Laugh =]

McWeefreemen says:

Will Smith rubs baby tears over his body to stop aging.

SmileyJTv says:

Jaden with his legs crossed on  the sofa lol

kristofer sigmarsson says:

hi =)

Mary Gray says:

I think the only reason she didnt throw it back at him cuz hes will smith

arimarhodes says:


Austin Curry says:


Betro Tawadrous says:

i love all of them

SkEtChIT001 says:

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mas12000 says:

If I could choose one person on this planet to never die, it would be Will Smith

TheMariaMarbles says:

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Neon Narwhals says:

I love Will Smith!! Especially in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air!

doyle535 says:

I love Will, he is so positive, even when his son’s says he prefers his mum’s music lol!

xAlDogg says:

Jayden – “I think I like my mom’s better”
Will - “Hahahahahahahaha”

*Camera Turns Off*

Will – “You Little Shit!”

*Strangles Him*

Fellani Salleh says:

What a beautiful beautiful family

grant747 says:

Wheres Trey Smith?

2pacexpert says:

Willow doesn’t have will’s ears.

Joe Steed says:

whats that mean?

rachelmd72 says:

willow doesnt look to happy

lyttleboynathan says:

Jaden Smith is mental love he’s film KARATE KID

MeKenneh says:

He’s … he’s he’s a SUPER SAYIN !

lo ol says:

Both She love’s BOTH!
Yeah i love both!
Jaden what you gonna say?
I think i like my mom’s better.

Brian Fury says:

Wish you and your relatives to never age. Live and make movies.

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