Christmas 2012 – THE DIGITAL STORY OF NATIVITY – (Christmas 2.0)

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DirkWG707 says:

Why is this video not available for mobile devices? :-(

CorraSoul says:

Ese Roca bueno

ellieo03 says:

Haha we watched this at school it was funny

Manolis Nirgianakis says:

Αν ο Χριστός γεννιόταν το 2012 πως θα εξελίσσονταν τα γεγονότα άραγε;

Tina ThinkInNewAreas Jonasen says:

LOL – The Digital Era 😉

perez19 says:

This is not very good. You must see this ,”A Social Network Christmas” by IgniterMedia it’s much better. Very clever and touching.

nakugaka says:

time change
feelings remain the same
yea i know my hate for religion will always stay the same -_-

Antalus59 says:

un joyeux noel à tout les francophones qui se perdraient ici, ainsi qu’aux autres qui comprendraient le français, bien entendu ^_-

Porfirio Cruz says:

muy cagado

Pim Lansbergen says:

Zo kan het ook natuurlijk :p

LemonicedT says:

Yeah, I thought the gmail interface looked a bit old for 2012…

German Rios says:

Muy bueno

Amigo Colorido says:

This is the original and it was made for Xmas 2010 !

EllieOmighty says:

it was shown in ICT today :)

Djjoeri1 says:

Zo kan het ook natuurlijk :p

mtnbiker74 says: you were right. Yes I’m a moron.

8lagarto8 says:

am i missing something….where is the funny part?pfff…..boring

8lagarto8 says:

actually you have a cross from where you can remove it

brenstuff says:

Disappointed that I can’t view on iPhone. :(

Abigail Vanstone says:

This is so cool !!!!!

mtnbiker74 says:

Very cute.. but please remove the HUGE “Please Subscribe”

ClausNetMedia says:

Very cool!

x3beeat says:


TWaileka says:

Very good! Quite creative, and it actually kinda shows one how to use google+. Nice! I’m FB’ing it.

101mrbump says:

Lol when Mary puts need in bold!

mathusha cuddles says:

gd idea
creative thinking!!!!

go2doncalgary says:

Just watched the Digital Story of Nativity! It’s great!

TheTwicey says:

1:00 !!! hahaahaha

BradLee Jones says:

just been watching the Digital Nativity! check it out!

Barbara Cenni says:

really funny

RodReome says:

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Tonifia Machado says:

innovative thought by a computer savy, good

Johnny Dubber says:

Brill thiought that was good liked the amazon part lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tabitha Lareta says:

how did you zoom?

dranrebnor says:

remove the big subcribe text….amen!

TheAmyrosefan121 says:


Janette o'Rourke says:


fabb4i2 says:

Gabriel and the Star of Betlehem have also an account on facebook!

dadarkmidget says:

Turn annotations off, it’s not something you need to fuss about.

Maike Schülting says:

Ooooh, this is so nice! :)

Luke Dunthorn says:

This video is great it is so funny make some more

merry christmas

Thomas Hausner says:

seeehr geil!

詳細 宝くじ当選 当選金一億譲ります says:


Chriseve Lyons says:

A Season Classic.Awesome.

netbytesolutions says:

Terrific, love it !! :-)

yeem77 says:

Hits the nail on the head!!! Doesn’t matter how modern the world, we still need this!! Nice work :)

LUXAETERNA6603 says:

Fucking brilliant

452poppy says:

Goodonyer son!!! Pull out the HUGE subscribe thing. Great Video

brista128 says:

I would like this if I could see the whole thing! Why did you make the “subscribe” thing so big?!!?

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