Plane crash video from inside cockpit

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Crash at 2:44 This is unprecedented footage of a small airplane crash from inside the cockpit from two different views. Miraculously, everyone survived. The …


Offskew says:

The interesting thing is that you see the pilot was having to fight to gain any altitude…that should have raised a red flag.( and maybe nade the pilot abort the flight ) Glad no one was hurt, and as a Rescue professional i can say you all kept a very cool head and tended to the pilot very well. Hope this won’t stop you from flying again.

69CRUZR says:

maybe…just maybe the pilot should have been concentrating on flying the plane vs playing on his fucking iPad!

DrHerbz says:

Ironic post is ironic!

lsharpe69 says:

Density altitude. Heard it mentioned once here. That’s why there is a E6B (slide rule calculator) and a POH (pilots operating handbook) for every FAA certified aircraft. This plane was heavy, the air was hot, and the altitude was high before it attempted to take off. My guess is a few minutes with the E6B and the aircraft’s POH would have prevented this. So glad this poor piloting did not result in serious injury or loss of life.

thinchrisful says:

and nobody is talking after, somethings amiss

xSirDingo says:

Who the hell screams when their plane crashes into some trees. That is the last of priorities. I would be more worried about staying alive than screaming.

xSirDingo says:

Yeah, I hope he sleeps well tonight snuggled up with his wife.

TacticalWarMachine says:

Shit got real.

Jeffrey Gurnavage says:

shoulda leaned her out a bit (red knob) and accelerated in ground effect. Thank God you’s were all ok though

sionsterowzzz says:

Dumbass HTF is that fake????????????????

sionsterowzzz says:

when they were crashing, was the pilot on his iPad?
no wonder they crashed…

thinchrisful says:

simple, no screaming

Sandy Lloyd Jr says:

I agree, someone should have said something. I was wondering why they took off and then hit the ground again. Very poor piloting.

Cyberrante2 says:

ahh.. god. tell me how is that a fake please

D Riordan says:

I blame the passengers for not asking the pilot why they weren’t climbing after that too long takeoff run. If they’d have gotten him to TALK they could have gotten him to wake up that they were overloaded and could just barely have enough altitude to get back to the airport.

bobberto60 says:

something doesn’t look right. you don’t film the dead man. Put the camera down and help him….

glarr01 says:

80 year old pilot…..nuff said.

Joemonter13 says:

What a jackass lousy dangerous pilot. I swear his run out looked like it was a mile long. His ego got the best of him. He was not going to abort and be embarrassed. He is darn lucky he did not kill all of them.

Kit Carson says:

That totally freaked me out watching it. About half way through the take off roll I’m thinking STOP! If you’re not off the ground yet, you have no business flying at that weight… When it said “plane crash”, I’m thinking the pilot was gonna nose it over/cartwheel after he figured out he wasn’t going anywhere…not this. Glad you guys are okay.

Jack Mewha says:

Four relatively big guys in a tiny plane with a high density altitude? Doesnt mix well. This guy obviously didnt check weight & balance and center of gravity limits. Even after failing to climb he could have landed on the long field. Luckily he was smart enough to pull up as he was hitting trees

donkeysneeze125 says:

Well at least your ok that’s good

yo90bosses says:

lol these guys have 737 subs you know being 737

razrhunter242 says:

God bless you guys

Ralph james says:

colder weather with dense air is the time to fly cause its better on engines.

Ralph james says:

thank god, a happy ending to a plane crash. At least your alive

trechan says:

As pilots, we’re taught how to calculate this and how to determine if it’s safe enough to fly. Additionally, if we travel further than a mile and your highest altitude is a foot off the ground, you’re probably not going anywhere.

trechan says:

Both, high altitudes and a hot day make the air incredibly thin. When the air is thin, the engine performs less than usual. An engine that isn’t performing well, plus a lot of weight, makes a near fatal crash.

tocxin says:

Either the pilot was an idiot, or earth was a bitch that day…

gnietodeleon says:

Thats when Density Altitude Screw You

john cagnola says:

Dick Wart ??

john cagnola says:

Full of shit !!!!

AzureFilms12 says:

Under qualified? The pilot even though he was an old man, was a helicopter pilot in vietnam. He was experienced with flight, unlucky for him he was stupid for trying to fly in the thin air.

EthanKRETA says:

They use them for checklists and things like that.

hockey161616 says:

talk about fake

korndsoilgrodope1 says:

What’s the pilot got an iPad in his hands 4 durring crash

halflife103 says:

Shut the fuck up.

IF it wasn’t for people like Mitch no one would ever question the safety of vehicles and planes wouldn’t improve.

Your not even a soldier.. The Military wouldn’t let in anyone who cannot even use basic grammar.

Bret B says:

pilots a fucking idiot

BraveSoldier728 says:

mitchH452 u need to shut your mouth and shut up this guy almost died and your just being a dush bag thinking you no every about flying shut up and leave them alone

Trini737Project says:

Now, how can this possibly be fake? Think before you speak sir

hippymunk14 says:


atlmlbfan80 says:

This is exactly why weekend warrior general aviation is stupid. And I don’t care if this was a paid flight or not, whenever you get under qualified hobbyists flying jalopies this will happen eventually.

davenunya1971 says:

Exactly. (*dip confirmed)

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