Guns & Explosives!

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cdogxxx1234 says:

Fuck Sons of Guns, FPSRussia should have his own show on TV!

killzoomer says:

That bowling ball sounded super funny!!

toastedjoke09 says:

words cant describe that…just fuckin amazing is the least u can say, awesome video

dazermurray1 says:

what happend to your voice?!?!?!

MrNubblesandBandit says:

check out our channel bros!
Thanks KYLE!

kyledavistv says:

he has a sour throught

olin mcgrath says:

wtf is gonin on wiv his voice

MrGoldpie says:

WTF is wrong with his accent?

DancesWithSmurf says:

Russian Meal Time

TheBiggerBang95 says:

too late

daewonskate says:

im going to get the last comment, if i do comment on my profile!!

22dogcat says:

Man, you live my dream!

daewonskate says:

did i get the last comment lolol?

daewonskate says:


LAWOFC956 says:

professional dumbass

ps3gamer31 says:

tracer round cool isnt it

figy1288 says:

oh damn 1:59 you can clearly see the bullet lol


That was the funniest sound I’ve heard for a while!

JulianUSA1 says:

I would marry him, I love the Russian accent.

skeptisism401 says:

like if you started watching fpsrussia back when he did call of duty and each of his videos had about 3000 views

scotishwolf2012 says:

as always awesome but your voice sounded like a chipmunk version of it

TheLazer01 says:

but where does it lands????

iLLpwny0u says:

the bowling ball was epic :3

dustinicity says:

This is like one of your best videos man.

toastedjoke09 says:

you should shoot some pig carcasses with those 50cal rifles! and put tannerite in one of them to make a big bacon boom!

KneenSurvival says:

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TheGamingBuddy says:

no im just eager for him to shoot it

ukadmin says:

Hey FPSRussia.

As always mate you rock and im happy to see your well again.

Oh and as always have nice day.

Your friend ukadmin.

The5starSTUNNNA says:

come to my chanell

shebaking02 says:

Fucking gay much?

Gwampa777 says:

ok people stop trying to come up with clever comments beacuse the thumbs are disabled for all of his new vids.

cybergreen117 says:

oh, shit why the fuck did a bowling ball just crash through my roof

TheGamingBuddy says:

Dmitri should shoot the .557 T-rex, if he does i will drink my cum…
thumbs up?

cslice94 says:

This shit is awesome!!!!!

stealthyairsoft996 says:

586 beeches dislicked this

theteakerdown says:

The weather there is soo amazing compared to Norway. it’s raining from day to night all week

Brocassionfilms says:

except hes not russian

jb199519 says:

haha luv ur vids man =)

juicyjay5225 says:

Fuck who ever disliked the Video…your a real beach …big ups to russia

SlamDrunk7 says:

hes got justin beiber hair lol

IFriedDaRice says:

fpsrussia aint no beech, he shoot powerful weapons while being hell sick! nothing to it

Charles Terry says:

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ImCods says:

Recoil Much :)

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