The Annoying Orange

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lauraasandy says:

orange: hey pear
pear: oh god
me: hahahahahahaha

1234MrRedstone says:

Great server, nice staff, pvp, and safe no hamachi Cracked


Fireninjawaterninja says:

orange: hey pear
:pear oh god

redsynapse says:

not funny

cfawcett17 says:

1 out of 116,629,817 are orange

cfawcett17 says:

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zippo2041 says:

into pices

mightybeanz01 says:

26,177 are apples…

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OopsFromSbc says:

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AbidAndDav says:

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harvey williams says:

funny lol

TheFlandersdj says:

JEW MAD BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheFlandersdj says:

JEW MAD BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TheXantery says:

116624133! Yeah!

matthew65536 says:

thumbs up if the mystery button from annoying orange animated brought you here

XxreannanxX says:

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dirtpotsgl says:


msmarksman18 says:

U on nicola yorke wit u up t

msmarksman18 says:

Wot a giggle man
Needed tha

liambuckleyrules says:


123merrycherry says:

Yum M

123merrycherry says:

These Fruits look


I bet that orange isn’t even organic…..

marioboy226 says:


cfawcett17 says:

great vid daneboe

cfawcett17 says:

carnivores season is back on again on my channel

william52905 says:

he’s better than justin bieber

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