Ireland: “Lipstick”, Jedward – Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 2011 – BBC Three

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More information about this programme: Jedward sing “Lipstick” as Ireland’s entry in the second semi-final of the 2011 Eurov…


konakire says:


ullizrikix says:


MrTheotukas says:

Color Color ee

ziyad quliyev says:

super song.from Azerbaijan

Lars Friberg says:

great show , great light -show …

akaysjones says:

off key

pellemeyer1 says:

Jedward the best of the world i love you guys! Like!

edi ferenzik says:

they are best

georgethebeast2006 says:

ok seriously I LOVE THEM!!!why? cause they are pure fun!!

fredefireball says:

Why so many dislikes?

Linus Emilsson says:

jedward are best

Nicholas Eagle says:

Paul Phoenixs twin sons.

Demcalor says:

eurovision version is better than original


3 tv shows? I’m not surprised.

maskenmakkan says:

@Tova Hirsch So? Just because they are models doesent change my opinion. And just because you are a model doesent make you hot, lots of models are ugly and Jedward is one of them

Tova Hirsch says:

that’s weird since they have released 2 albums and had like 3 tv shows since then.

Victoria Tejada says:

Melodifestivalen !! C:

Amienee84 says:

Jag vet det lol XD

taylor2972 says:



Oh okay. I haven’t heard anything about them since 2010.

Tova Hirsch says:

No it’s Edward, but not many people know but Edward is actually called Edwina and is a girl! Search for “jedward edwina” and you’ll see how extremely hot she is

Tova Hirsch says:

hahahahahaahahah ok i accept that you think their music sucks (even tho i disagree), but you can’t mean that they are ugly? They even got an modeling career 

Tova Hirsch says:

look, people can say how many times they want that they can’t sing. They have heard it millions of times since the first day they entered the x factor stage. But have that in any way stopped them from having a career? No! They are famous and got fans because they are funny, entertaining and amazing as people. They don’t need to be amazing singers, their personalities and being themselves have and will always been enough.

Tova Hirsch says:

nah they get paid for selling records and doing concerts :)

Tova Hirsch says:

well dom är med i andra chansen i morgon så du slipper dom inte i allafall :)))

Tova Hirsch says:

maybe you should update your facts a little? Their fandom is getting bigger every single day, but right now they have been working in america for a while so they have not been seen around europe :)

Tova Hirsch says:

no they are not really considered as “cool” in europe, most people think they are weird but fun. But they’ve got their fans, and we love them for being themselves and not taking any shit from haters.

Tova Hirsch says:

imagine all the people that had no idea who jedward were, and thought they were one person. And then suddenly Edward’s popping up and they must have been like “woah there’s two of them”

suck634 says:

Hmm they remind me of the red and blue unicorns from “charlie the unicorn”…..

Phoenixfeather Light says:

haha x) i love this guys. i was just bored while watching the songcontest.. then suddenly.. YAY!
they brought me in such a good mood.
i think 7.252 people here are jealous on their awesome charisma ~~ i’ll put lipstick on you dislike-guys! :3

MusicLover26xx says:

Those backing singers bloody ruined the performance making John and Edward sound dodgey:( They did the same in Waterline.:( THEY SING LIVE IN CONCERTS ON TOUR THEY CAN DO WITHOUT THEM!

Jeddy bear says:

So,if you think that this isn’t music,why are you listening to it.?
No one had forced you to this,or.?!

Thrhil says:

1:39 ..what the hell that “LIP”?

Ludwig Trofast says:

You don´t can speak english? =P

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