Ode To Joy

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Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meeeeeeeeeep Meep-Meep (c) 2009 The Muppets Studio, LLC.

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freakyanimegal8 says:

This is so beautiful it touched the depths of my soul

McCartneysMyLove says:

could someone please tell me the lyrics to this song? thanks.

xXGreavesXx says:

Better than Justin Beiber

ultrapersonthing says:

What an incredibly egocentric puppet. Alawys “me me me” never thinking of anyone else.

Jack Meoff says:

I couldn’t think of a higher honor being bestowed and I am 100% serious.

KissMeGentlyXoxo says:

looooool i absolutely enjoyed that! meee me meeeeeee! MEEEEEEEE!!

Mari27a3 says:

How can this have more views than the original..? O.O

BusterANDPaws says:

So beautiful ; ;

Bogus Smogus says:

It was like one of my dreames.  I love a weird dream once in a while. lol

madilynn crispin says:

awesome!I loved it!

Menacius Squatter says:

The rise and fall of the EU!

Ujuani68 says:

beaker is so self-centered! All he sings is about ME!! 😀

Duka PPS says:


rab236 says:

Look in the description

blocks223344 says:


Matthew Sullivan says:


X Orion says:

——-W W W . O N T I M E R . N E T——–
——-W W W . O N T I M E R . N E T——–
——-W W W . O N T I M E R . N E T——–

catshelby11 says:

This is your only video, and you have like 10,000 subs. WOW

Alyson0812 says:

Me me me

djline2 says:

nope you cant lol

peetapoda1 says:

I’ve had cabbage, lettuce, blackberries
Pasta, oats and strawberries
Bagels, beans and hot dogs
Eggplant, ham and cheese logs
I’ve had pumpkin and potato
Truffles and tomato
Diced, sliced, cubed and riced
Boiled and fried
Soaked and dried
Burgers, tacos, ice cream too
Radishes red and berries blue
Despite all this, I’m feeling thinner…
Still, that was lunch, now what’s for dinner?

lilherousz says:

<33333 MiiEP

Marlie Bryant says:

h a AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH on my raideo i hesrd harlam shake

shawn flores says:

i like the part where it went Meep.

johnmarshk says:

Better than the harlem shake.

TheLateScottBaio says:

this fuck is so conceited, all he sings about is “me, me, me” all the time.

Rick Janos says:


minh luong says:


Kasari Baretu says:

Poor Beaker can’t do anything without getting hurt…

Kasari Baretu says:

Only after you learn the lyrics to the Batman Theme Song and the Nyan Cat Song.

Lisa Stougie says:


KarlRuprectKroenen says:

… I thought this was how everyone sang it?

Geel7989 says:


Quinn Tonelli says:


james maguire says:


TheChoujinVirus says:

now all we’re missing is Eva Unit 01 and 02 fighting complete with Tabris

chemistriesromance21 says:

Beaker is so selfish, its always Me Me Me lol

newsupercomedybros2 says:


Matthew Snyder says:

Pretty sure you have something there actually.

Bob Boberson says:

will somebody subscibe to me? i have no reason just do it

dynothane300 says:

just meep it

woodoreo99 says:

i got bored and searched up meep

alterbridgefan99 says:


GirlTheCrazzy says:

That moment when a puppet is better than “professional singers” (Justin Bieber and the other girls). Love Beaker!

Darren Goedelman says:

i listened this on halo combat evolved-COD BLACK OPS

FancyBirdAli says:

Beaker’s the best ginger ever.

jerryho03hk says:


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