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i0love0cheetos0 says:

your mama so stupid she thought micheal myers was voldimort

pataupule says:

yo mama so fat she went to the beach the whales sing we are famely even if your fatter then me

ldebbie25 says:


MChAcKer117 says:

hey dude that’s my joke

Connor Burgess says:

Yo mamas so fat she has more chins than a Chinese phone book

the best videos says:

Yo mama so ugly bob the bulder sed I cant fix that

michellelucas54 says:


Glenn Quagmire says:

Yo mamas so fat, when I said I lost my homework, she said its in the third roll next to the car!

SAWG246 says:

@mya graham thats a old as joke

mya graham says:

yo mama so fat she sat on the tv she made it a flat screen

XxJUST219xX says:

Your mama so fat Santa asked her for a present yaaaaa

GuardingAngelful says:

3,200 people used cheat codes.

MegaJJAJ says:

Yo Mama so fat she went to China… AND WAS MISTAKEN FOR GODZILLA!

aaron bedson says:

Yo mama so fat it taks an entire art gallery to put one complete picture of her

Shnurbinator says:

Yo mama’s so fat that when the video said that the video stopped!

Seriously, that actually happened.

AppleNuja says:

yo mama so FAT when she showers, her toes don’t even get wet

Chad Padilla says:

your mama dumb she sits on the tv and watches the coutch

ziggy king says:

Yo mama so fat when she went swimming she was TITANIC

Scottie Pippen says:

cheat codes:




RHVids100 says:

yo mama so fat AND stupid, she mistook a passing school bus for a giant twinkie!

Fiona Osborne Libby Wood says:

Yo mama so fat she went out in high heels and came back in flats xxxxxxxx

patricksudbury says:

Thumbs up if you were looking for his first video!

Maspao90 says:

Yo momma so short, whenever someone vacuums, she says hey thats my food

brendancramphorn44 says:

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hdfghdghf says:

I remember this video. First video e released and first one I watched :)

DJ Diamond says:

yo mama soooooo fat that she auditioned for the part of monstro (Pinocchio)

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