MOTIVATION Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure II – EXTENDED

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jkljkl218 says:


homidontpl8 says:


Anthony Pizzimenti says:

Awesome!!!. Thank you!!

jkljkl218 says:

What movie is the punching scene?

cake69hole says:

Several films: The fight scene is from “Snatch”, Al Pacino is from “Any given sunday”, Stallone is from “Rocky Balboa”, the young voice is from “Coach Carter” and the poem (from Carter) was authored by Marianne Williamson

Andharacina says:

what film is this?

TheVikingor says:

Take this motivation for doing good things, becoming a better person etc. Not increasing the mass of your muscle for no reason beside for money or self satisfaction. People wont remember someone for how much they lift or how fast they are, people remember people form their actions..

TheVikingor says:

the term ‘god’ is extremely over exaggerated, no matter how hard you train, no matter how hard u shout, no matter how much money make or how much fame you are only a human being, okay we all train and become better but it is only for a sport, looking good etc. Training aint going to make you a man of greatness, doing actions for good measures how great a man is. Not how much you can pick up weight, or the speed of your legs!

marysjourney2012 says:

Don’t ask others opinions, your own is the only one that matters. Screw everyone because you only accomplish the best goals if they are for yourself.

ElectronxZ says:

Their ignorance blinds them so has it for millions of years…say whats the black and white fight scene?

TemplemanGFX says:

I listen to this everyday, it always makes me push that extra mile, this helped me pass a Spanish exam, it is effective.

Jordi Lopez says:

3/20/2013 remember this date because this is start of journey and at the end of this journey is going to create a champion.

David Sebenaler says:

Carpe Diem

Vinny Nuzzo says:

Fuck what other people think, Go out and chase your dream

ShocKWav2 says:

Six inches is Any Given Sunday but yes I agree it is awesome

MotivationTracks says:

Check out my channel for epic motivation tracks for work outs and more!

Max Segal says:

Thank you. This video is changing my life

jhalcomb23 says:

ok im gonna get all the stupid comments out of the way … here goes :
i showed this to my cat it became a lion
i showed this to my fish it became a shark
i showed this to my grandma and she became my grandpa
time to go to the gym
showed this to squirtle he became warturtle
what is the song form ( enter time here )
im sorry to bug you guys but im a 16 year old rapper

vlosco19 says:

Snatch is the name of the brad pitt movie where he’s fighting lol didn’t mean to say snatch randomly

ElItEmENZiGgY215 says:

What brad Pitt movie is that??

JCLmin says:

When JESUS CHRIST comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, HE will sit on His glorious throne. OPEN YOUR HEART TO JESUS CHRIST !

Barry Thompson says:

Love this bro. Well done.

scarmitdy says:

the six inches part was from any given sunday with Al Pacino

TheGraduate2016 says:

Sure thing!

TheSpitlife75 says:

Thank you very much. I watch this every morning in my office to start my day. It means more to me than you know. May the spirit look over you and yours. Believe in yourself. – Keebie Gray –

N0BZE says:

snatch, its a must watch

motivate556677 says:

The statement about god; think of it as you are the god of your destiny – not God himself, it is about taking control of your own actions, thoughts and destiny – which any religion (God) would want.

Solvita Latkovska says:

Es nesaprotu kas tur motivējošs.

luke mcbriarty says:

What movie is the movie were Bradd Pitt is fighting ?

csRocker says:

i wanted to have a strong comeback because i feel different about your statement, but it is the truth

i do stand my ground by this: if i didn’t came across your video i wouldn’t have changed a thing,,and for this i am very grateful

gichinfun says:

Yes, go ahead – but please mention, greatprox(dot) com

gichinfun says:

Thanks. But like you said – the video HELPED you change your life.  That is all it can do. You have to have the spark somewhere inside you. Otherwise you wouldn’t have watched the video, you wouldn’t have listened to it, you wouldn’t have let it help you.

I can only provide the spark. The fire must burn from within you.

gichinfun says:

“You ask me if I have a God complex? Let me tell you something – I am God!”

Ken Stornes says:

what does he say from 5:15 “you ask me if.????.. i am god” what is the stuff in the middle?

Chris Ross says:

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AlinBoncioaga says:

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minion70000 says:

That’s how winnin is done

kerd cerberus says:

T.T tears

csRocker says:

make people feel better about themselves?
man this helped me change my life,,this has done much more to me then just “make me feel better about myself”,,i for one can’t thank you enough

dbkaggie says:

This completely made my day more than the video

TheGraduate2016 says:

Can I re-post this video on my channel, gichinfun?

Ty24688 says:

But we are all god and god is everywhere around us I’m glad you put that in there! I’m not a really religious person but I believe in doing the right thing at any cost and I think that god would be like that too, and the people who disliked this because of the last statement worship a book not god you must do things for your self to make them happen not to please some one else because if you do it will mean more to you, to do the right thing. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS AND POSTING IT.

Ty24688 says:

Al Pacino in the movie any given sunday

C Hernandez says:

who is that man talking about lifes is a game of inch????

Brandon Lawson says:

Have you heard about “Ripped X Beast?” (do a Google search for it) It is a quick way to build muscle fast.

Djscorpio1959 says:


stevieboi17 says:

Amazing I will be watching this every morning from now. Thank you

Micky La says:

Actually, in total honesty, I feel worse about myself. So now, since you’ve motivated me, I’m going to workout now.

Nock-Knock Novo says:

nockknocknovo (dot) blogspot (dot) com


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