The Official White Girl WOP

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Our version of the Jay Dash – WOP song. We’re not pro’s, we’re just having fun!! Enjoy!! Also, Check out our new video we just did called “Official White Gir…


alexandria garcia says:

this was the best wop! (:

misscutey183 says:

i really like this! 😀

twilight5599 says:

I love the video good dancers

jazzi blue says:


Tiana Parmes says:

Ayye lol they killed it

Shelby R. says:

Awe this is cute! I might do this dance for my wedding! It looks fun! 

brittany fanta says:

this is really good

bossy238 says:

yall did good

Ashlynnecloe2nd says:

This is the best one !

hiphop6911 says:

love it!!!!!

Cody Snook says:

this awsome great job

jessika bliudzius says:

they r good

Ryan Kidd says:

You are all good dancers

teesqueenify says:

Wow I like this how cute

Gabby Luyet says:

yall are good!!!!

April Hudson says:

this is hotttt!!!!

anissasilva says:

that was cute.!,lol

alaa ali says:

what the hell hahahaha
i like it

thundermonkey916 says:

the one in the yellow bangin 

Sade Barber says:


34420mr says:

the blonde is hot

MuRrDa890XD says:

ahahahah..there so cute

minimaciemayo7 says:

You guys are really good…

steven canuz says:

You guys are so hot!!!!!

frannybaay says:

i have to say this is by far much better than the other white girls trying to do these dances

sagegreen514 says:


Macirocksfools says:

DAMNNNN Really good job it was pretty dope the green was really good

monroe jacobs says:

this is really cute : )

abbey hopkins says:

i love how they dance to the song

klobs loby says:


Ima leprechaun says:

Goodness wonderful

Ayleisharuiz says:

I love it so awesome !!!

Hannah Brooks says:


theojlover117 says:

haha thats cool

Rae Mungin says:


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