Angry Birds Toons: Coming to Angry Birds apps on March 17!

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Angry Birds Toons is landing on a screen near you on March 17! Make sure to update! Angry Birds Toons will be airing across all A…


angiemartinez652 says:


CWYES says:

why so many dislikes here? O.o

Michael Davis says:

the blue birds actual names are Jim,Jake,and Jay

Michael Davis says:

they’ve had names since angry birds trilogy

jajaproud says:

I saw pink bird behind the bush

jajaproud says:

I wish pink bird are here

Cameron78998 says:

no pink bird

Legoman824 says:

they did for a while

floufire says:

lol i said the same too xD

TheRizki23 says:

All I need is Angry Birds Star Wars Toons !

Ketorulz says:

Omg they all have names now.

jayson ware says:

wait the green one or the orange one wasn’t in the whole trailer. the pink one was only In the first scene

jayson ware says:

that white one was a girl this whole time

Elizabeth Guerrero says:

Bomb: boo ki boo

Elizabeth Guerrero says:

St. Patrick’s day

li lin says:

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Echegol1970 says:

in my opinion,the green bird should be named bill or billy and the orange bird should be named pumpkin

Casperekmkc says:

o no

earthlobby says:

Where is boomerang he is my favourite one

Petia VD says:

You looked at the mirror, huh?

Marcellinho DJ says:


Tim Boreale says:

me u

Hubertoser says:

Worst shit ever seen.

Joe Montana says:

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janicedoering40 says:

jetzt mall erlich chuck ist mega verückt und den noch cool:D und red ist soooo süß auch verückt aber nicht so wie chuck und er ist auch cool,i love chuck and red 3

Pilar Estefania Contreras says:

Rovio amo. Tus angri toons

juan felipe montoya says:


capa881 says:

Really? da fuq is wrong with you people? ANGRY BIRDS IS NOT FUN. IT SHOULD’NT BE CONSIDERED A GAME.

courtney cummings says:


DarkMewtwo120 says:

thet pig at 1:00 is really ugly

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