Wife After Wedding

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Chan163 says:

Firstly: I don’t get the ad. Secondly: There’s nothing wrong with that woman. What’s the problem with getting so comfortable with your partner that you don’t mind putting on make up, dressing up and behave like you woulnd’t in front of strange people? It’s a sign of intimacy! If a guy can’t deal with it, yes, she was probably the wrong choice… but then again, most women would be, because NONE OF THEM will keep up the charade her whole life, just to keep some guy happy. As a guy I’m ok with it!

MrRipYourHeadOff says:

yeah we all sit around and scoop nutella out of the jar with our fucking fingers

mrdobaful104 says:


zacksta999 says:

Still bangtidy

weswsp01 says:

Wait till 7 years….

TargouniusKILLER says:

but mostly, men do all the hard work so they have the right to be lazy at home
am i not right?


She looks alright to me !!

romeo handup says:

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thewikidjuggalo420 says:

Ive seen it happen when they get pregnant.

STRATMAN firdaus says:

She’s not down to earth as that irascible exasperated expression on her face towards her husband clearly shows that she is a moody cranky impatient short tempered mentally unstable lazy fat slob.
If that’s the kind of woman you love – there are millions like her. They are extremely common and not difficult for them to trap amiable guys into marriage and misery.

STRATMAN firdaus says:

Gypsy women never let themselves go because they’re always on the go.

thewikidjuggalo420 says:

You act like all women choose to stay home and are lazy when there are many hard working women out there who support themselves and their families.

thewikidjuggalo420 says:

Oh come on now not ALL women get like this and the ones that do are just human so give them a break. But us gypsy girls never let ourselves go unless its from pregnancy and then thats not our fault but we lose our baby weight eventually and get back into shape :)

STRATMAN firdaus says:

Not like you had much of a choice and a vast array of women to choose from and in that case neither did your wife.

nathan bird says:

not cool i dont wanna go back to havin sex with myself

HO1ySh33t says:

yeah that’s what I meant, but too late to change that now…

Wow I got top comment? Holycrap!

RedroomStudios says:

I think you mean “moral”. Morale has to do with someone’s feelings or spirit.

MrGoggleaccount says:

Well she did it. After her fake nails, fake face, and fake boobs she got her real man. What more does she want? Oh, I know, all the money….Mission accomplished. One more thing. PUT THE SEAT UP WHEN YOUR DONE!

Alex Berson says:


1SATTAS1 says:

Yeah,I’m sure her manners were what attracted him in the first place.

RainbroStache says:

What decade are you living in?

carminizzle says:

men go out and provide. bitches stay home and do nothing. at least look sexy, hoes.

Jerod Gamble says:


ColumineMiette says:

guys do that all the time. double standard much?

ellytran90 says:

haha so real

Andrew McClintock says:


daddaflex says:

not funny.
u want ur girl to wear a dress and high heels at home?

ThatMotherEffinBri says:

Guys, c’mon, she might be pregnant D:

Art Klac says:

good stuff! take a look at dogcameramount d o t com for some fun with your best friend….you dog that is

buloo1234 says:

id still smash her bac door in

HaasGrotesk says:

Bitches let themselves go.

Dwolax says:

I also made wrong choice! I want to change!

ellytran90 says:

haha im not like this

PieNKEi says:

fuck morale… she turns ME on… otherwise i wouldn’t have married her in the first place

pinkpunkkid90 says:


MrSouthphillyitalian says:


LucaStefan says:

What an animal :))))

UnionKidz says:

Nasty lol.

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