Macklemore “Thrift Shop” PARODY

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Buy this song on iTunes! Rolanda forgets something at her house before the big date w…


susan mwai says:


mary zeanne says:

Love your profile pic!

mary zeanne says:

0:27 Pause it

lovemeor lovemenot says:


jessicca2012 says:


Isaiah Hunter says:

she wants meh

emmers515 says:

Hay i like this me ariel?

01chickennalgets01 says:

They should do a video when Roland is pretty and Alex falls for her (y)

Heather Abler says:


sesha cooper says:

whos house is that

Ben Nichols says:

o.k that was fuckin weird

will2fly4u says:

I am surprised there is a mirror in there

rosycruz615 says:


berry fudge says:

i like how Alex raps its cool same as umm…………. richard too

aimramos76 says:

Btws. She. Is. Ugly. But. I love this so ng

Arikan Yilmaz says:


angel dinh says:

Who’s house is that? It’s awesome lol

Te'a Hill says:

hey…can you tell all your fans to check out tres chic nobody has seen it yet

Mike Rox says:

I’m scared for life now

ProtocolMusicEnt says:

I really love this songggg, and this parody is amazing. I would really appreciate it if you guys would check out my cover. Thank you soo much 😀

samanthamorales0826 says:

Give relonda a make over

femaletarantino says:

Pause at the end it looks like a doll or a picture

femaletarantino says:

Omg so funny llalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

Arica P says:

i love this song its soo FUNNY

TheDiamond10grl says:

they’re so funny

Rania2399 says:

You just gotta love Rolandas armpit hair… Uhhm

skatergirl artemis says:

Yay A Free Virus!

Brianna Marrero says:

Yea you kind of do have to like him to love him XD

Seth Pulliam says:

Lol hater

kirabutterfly43 says:


Aaliyah Perez says:

Well… top comment for me

haya hamdan says:


Cyan Yang says:

You guys should make a video when Rolonda is pretty and Alex falls for her.✌

sheppard1230 says:

Like!!!!!!!!!! I like all of this.

Sarai Chavez says:

i am so rich ,check it out on my ringtone,banks be callin like ,”yo can i get a loan?”
is my fave part

Melissa King says:

They r so funny

teagan noo says:


liz martin says:

some call me a creeper to be polticaly correct its prononsed stalker

liz martin says:

some call me a stalker to politicaly correct its prononced  stalker

Tina Martin says:


Aubrey Gortarez says:

This is good but i love the song Thrift shop <3

josh noriega says:

thats funny shit

optimusxdase says:


Raghad A says:

i liked your rap part ;P

Fappa Phant says:

this is actually pretty good

heydisanchez20 says:

Lol this is so funny!!hahaha gordos :)

TAEKOA DunstON says:


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