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MysticMonster7 says:

cuz he can

FPSRussia says:

The PWS is pretty expensive, but any AR will do, my bushmaster was only around $600, and the stocks are less than $400, so you’re coming in at less than $1,000.

jdanr says:


iontheprize90 says:

His neighbors must love him

Mike Themann says:

so how much would that whole set up cost me?

FPSRussia says:

A lot of people asked, but its not very exciting so I decided to make a video on my 2nd channel, where I show how to install the stock, and give a detailed tutorial on how to use it. Its youtube/MoreFPSRussia if you’re interested.

FPSRussia says:

I bought one and made a video with it about 10 months ago.

FPSRussia says:

Its a 60 round surefire magazine, and its 5.56

FPSRussia says:

To get bullet time, you’re looking at around $100,000 for one of those cameras.

andre andre says:

i want that job its so awesome

nerfwar812 says:

FPSrussia”that was fuckin awsome

jalen shell says:

fps russia should try using grenade lainchers or rocket launchers.

Kyle InkSkin Murphy says:

how you liking those new mags? I bought one for my m&p 15 and i love how slim it is compaired to a damn drum

SlipKnoTdrummer04 says:

How much do you get laid

XaDGamez says:

2:57 same reaction 😀

AssasinsWeedxX says:

the fish gonna b like.
ahhhh fuck the russians back!

Tobrili says:

@FPSRussia Hey FPS I have an idea for you, why don’t you spend a bit of your money in a professional Slow-Motion-Camera (10.000 FRAMES PER SECOND – FPS)?
I’m sure that would look really awesome, don’t you think?

Due to your Name (Professional Russian) you can call it ProfessionalSlowMotion or FPS, wouldn’t it be nice? Greatings

007phycokiller says:

It’s videos like these that make me wish I was russian.

sxk889 says:

Wowwwwww ..


i noticed that you had a large magazine loaded in, how many rounds can that particular mag can hold. plus correct me if im wrong are those 5.56 or .22 rounds?

jayso449 says:

Can you get an ACR

HondA Accord says:

Man this is so cool

VampireKingRyan says:

That was effing awesome, but I think with a little duct tape you could still that building back together somewhat.

HAXXorxor says:

But i like soda :(

VampireKingRyan says:

I’m not going to dislike it for the soda being destroyed, but I’m a caffeine junky so why not send some of that soda my way instead. Lol

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