Brian’s Surprise Justin Bieber Wedding Dance for Emily

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Erll Teves says:

So much fun to watch! Luv how he has awesome guy friends to pull this off!

Tahnee Osler says:

I hate Justin Bieber, but I laugh so hard if this happened to me at my wedding. It’s very funny and sweet in a cringey cheesy way which makes it even funnier

SprinklesandaPickle says:


seanviv2 says:

This was the BEST VIDEO EVER! I am putting this on my face book. I never laughed so hard, the dancing was great, the choreography was so right on point… I would love to see an update… this Groom and his friends are so amazing they did their thing…. awesome…. awesome…well put together…

salatut laiffit says:

gaaaayyyyyyy biebeerrrrr fuckkkkkkkkkk yoouuuuuuuu

happygram5310 says:

This is the best wedding flash yet! I hope she knows what a treasure she has in this guy and his friends. He obviously knows what he has in her. Loved it!!!

Angelika Matys says:

oh my dog now im ur fan! lol ur funny

Sylwia Sss says:

uwielbiam to ! 😀

Cindi Sparks says:

Pay attention guys….THIS is what a girl wants!!!!! Cutest thing I ever saw!!!

veronica zankowski says:

omg these guys rock.. i

James Cox says:

NOw i am a girl and i liked this video so much i watch over and over again that was very special and sweet

63Mastermind says:

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evanox10 says:

I am a 50 year old grandma and this is one of the sweetest videos I have seen. I hope this couple is having a wonderful life together….

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118fearless says:


bostonpeach34 says:

this is soooooo cute!!!! and did anyone else notice how tightly she was gripping that champagne. lol

Eileen Rhatigan says:

This is a marriage that is going to last :)

Abegail dianne Salgarino says:

wow awesome …….

Blackears Bunny says:

hahaaha they were wearing beiber hair and i didnt realize that until the end;d

Blackears Bunny says:

i love that dude on the far right corner!

Latinlabel says:


SimplePlanXXXXX says:

the red haired guy looks like mitchell from modern family lol

Taylor Stai says:

I wonder what it was like for these guys to practice this lolll.

mily bily says:


Yianna Merky says:

hah that was so cute! gave me a smile

Tk Kidd says:

that was so sweet

Jamie Johnson says:

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ladyeden0413 says:

Downing all the comment that said this was gay. mission complete

amber hernandez says:

can i have him lol

Brianna Cooper says:


Jannie Maokhamphiew says:

those guys can be embarrassing at a wedding……. perf :)

Guacira Albuquerque says:


skbrady65 says:


PhoeBFF says:

Love seeing the bride laugh as much as she could, how sweet

Mo Martin says:

so retarded and gay .. even if i would dance on a song of justina gayiber for the girl i wanna get married with . she’d say NOOOOO after this !!!!

abbylee21 says:

yep. he’s getting laid tonight.

ascarydude . says:

so fucking gay

maliyahjade123 says:

This is so CUTE awesome Job!

Mlanie020 says:

Cuute !!! *.* 😀 :Jealous..:

maya amelia says:


Dadd135G1rl says:

That was so cute.!!!
That’s the sweetest thing Ive ever seen.!!!

Shania Wilson says:

this is too cute

Amanda Pierce says:

Thats Really Retarted..True

Scott Fitzpatrick says:

No no ladies, this guy has the best guy friends ever who put in the effort to pulling that off. Pretty awesome tho.

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